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Rise and Shine

Who: The Twins and the Trio
What: Morning Becomes Electric (or we discover what happens next)
Where: WWWA
When: BACKDATED Oct. 30, the morning after the Trio apparated into the store
Status: Incomplete

George woke up to Fred flicking use tissues at his head, making them jump from the rubbish bin and apparently trying to hit his closed eyes. "Oi!" George said, smacking one away from his mouth as he struggled to wake up. "What's the matter with you, eh?" He sat up and blearily ran his hands over his face.

"Rise and shine, little brother," Fred said, in a suspiciously cheery voice for this time of the morning. Usually, Fred was no more interested in being awake than George was.

"BIG brother, you stupid git," George muttered, as he fumbled for his wand and waved a cup of tea his direction. "What's up?"

"I have fun news about my nocturnal activities as of late," Fred said in the same cheerful tone. "You will not believe what I have managed to do!" he said, with a wide grin, remembering the taste of Narcissa's mouth, all sweetened with rich wine and Malfoy money -- and interesting tales. "But not now. Now we have to go babysit," he added, flicking his wand and jerking George's cup away in mid-air, so it poured over the pair of jeans crumpled at the foot of George's bed.

George was used to Fred's manic mood swings, and didn't bother to argue. "Right," he said, reaching for the slacks folded almost neatly across the back of his desk chair. Soon, he was dressed and the Twins headed out to the sparsely furnished area where they had left Ron, Hermione, and Harry sleeping last night.


The first thing Ron was aware of when he woke up was that he had been sleeping with his mouth open. And, consequently, his mouth now tasted as though something had died in it.

Yawning and stretching, he sat up and looked around for something to drink. Finding nothing in the immediate area, he hauled himself to his feet and stumbled clumsily out into the hallway, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

And walked right into his brothers. Literally.

"Oof." He staggered back a step, shook his head in surprise. "Morning, Gred. Forge." He yawned again. "Got anything for breakfast?"
"Hey, call us by our proper names while you sleep on our fine furniture," Fred said, swatting at Ron but carefully missing his sore and still-wounded baby brother."I'm George, that's Fred, and you're a disaster home or abroad, apparently," he added. George said, "We've got biscuits and tea here, but we thought we might run out and grab up and egg or two and some tomatos and bread for toast. You three can probably do with a real meal, eh?"
As if on cue, Ron's empty stomach made a clearly audible growl. The mere thought of food drove the remains of sleep from his mind as his eyes shot open expectantly.

"I could eat a Hippogriff." He grinned.
"That's hardly unusual, Ron," Hermione said, hiding a smile. She could not help but be continually amused at the sheer amount that teenage boys could eat, the very thought of it making her stomach want to hide in horror. She was near-positive that if she tried to fit even a fraction of that food in herself at any one time she would explode, however biologically impossible that was.

She had woken what felt like hours ago, but had decided to use the time to study another of her books rather than risk waking Ron and Harry. They all needed rest, however little sleep seemed to be coming to her lately. Reading, at least, gave her small amounts of comfort, however little she thought it would be able to help them any more. Following Ron in to the hallway, she couldn't help but wonder whether this would be the last comfortable night of sleep, or lack of, that any of them had in quite a while.

"Do you need any help cooking?" She asked Fred and George, determined to make herself useful somehow. True, she wasn't the best cook unless she had a clearly defined recipe in front of her, but she was sure she would be able to make do if need be.
"Cooking? Us?" Fred asked, sounding shocked. "Not a bit of it, mate," said George firmly. "We eat out. I can just pop down to the shops and grab us a bite, and be back in a jiff. The main thing now is to hear what you three have planned, aside from being attacked by Death Eaters and Ministry folks, not that there's any difference anymore."

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