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Never get angry. Never make a threat. Reason with people.

Who: Sturgis Podmore, Theodore Nott
Where: Sturgis' rooms
What: Theodore is upset and Sturgis counsels him.
When: Evening, November 7th
Status: Incomplete

Theo wasn't quite sure who he was more angry at, his father, for starting this whole thing up again, or Weasley, for his presumptuous attitude. He couldn't stay mad with his father though, and it was Percy who received the full brunt of his frustration and anger.

He had been fuming the whole day, and his anger refused to be abated. He gave a heavy sigh upon entering Sturgis' rooms that night, free to drop his mask of indifference. He came over to Sturgis, who was going over another lesson plan, wrapping his arms loosing around his neck, resting his chin on his shoulder. "Can we kill people tonight?" he muttered in a frustrated voice, not serious, though fairly sure he could manage it with the anger he was feeling.


Sturgis tilted his head up to look at the face perched next to his own. "While I admire and encourage the enthusiasm, I've a headache tonight and am not quite in the mood. You, on the other hand, look more than ready to do the job without me."

He closed the notebook he had been working from and rose up from his desk. "Go make our tea - the process will calm you - and tell me what happened that so aggrieved you."
Theo gave a small smile, pulling away and moving to prepare the tea, taking a deep breath and letting the aroma calm him.

"Apparently my father attacked someone, and now I'm getting owls telling me I have to instruct him to leave the Weasleys be," he said, stirring a spoonful of sugar into his cup and bringing them over to the table, setting Sturgis' before him and taking a seat, blowing on the tea to cool it.
"I am presuming, of course, that the person attacked was a Weasley, or else the letters would make absolutely no sense whatsoever."

Sturgis lifted the cup between his hands, simply enjoying the heat suffusing his skin with warmth. He drew the bowl of the cup to his nose and inhaled deeply.

"So these owls. Who are they from? Members of the Weasley family? And how do they know you, other than your being in the same year as the youngest boy?"
"Yes. One of the older ones- Charles," he said, the bitterness creeping back in. Why did you have to attack a Weasley? You could have picking any on; why someone I owe a debt to?

"They're from Percy Weasley. I had gone to him back in summer, trying to get an appeal for my father. He gave me some assistance, and now he's using it as leverage, and as a guise for his veiled threats."
Sturgis nodded, considering the situation. "You wouldn't happen to have any of the letters, would you? You can tell a lot not only from what people say, but what they don't say. Furthermore, I have some knowledge of the Weasleys which could help to shed some light."
Theodore nodded, pulling the crumpled piece of parchment from his pocket and passing it off to Sturgis. "It's just the one," he said, taking a sip of his tea and settling back into the couch, shaking his hair from his face.
Sturgis spent several minutes reading over the letter as he sipped his cooling tea before finally addressing Theodore. "First of all, he is guilty - imagine being in his place. You have come to the aid of another person to set their father free from Azkaban, and when that father is free, they attack someone you hold dear. I know," he said, holding a hand up to forestall any possible protests from the boy, "with the Ministry regulations put into place, the appeal likely did nothing for your father, seeing as he was released in the Dark Lord's assault a few months back. However, the association is still there, enough to bring about feelings of guilt."

He rubbed his chin as he thought further. "In all truth, I doubt either of us would do any different were our families in peril. However, there is potential in this, if you play it right..." His eyes lifted to meet Theo's gaze. "Tell me, are you in contact with your father? What is the likelihood that you coud convince him to keep his efforts away from the Weasleys?"
Theodore frowned, wanting to protest, but Sturgis cut him off. He sighed, seeing the merit in what he was saying, but reluctant to release his frustration long enough to take advance of the situation.

He hesitated for only of a fraction of a second before nodding his head. "Yes. He write to me, and I've been to see him a few times since he got out. He's been moving around so the aurors can't catch up with him."

He wasn't sure whether he could convince his father to leave the Weasleys out of his plans, though he did hold a good deal of sway with him. The only problem was if the Dark Lord held more. "I think I could, though not if he was directly ordered to attack them."
Sturgis nodded. "A direct order is one thing, but outside of that... if you can convince him, then I suggest you do, because if you are successful, then it is you who have the upper hand."

A slow smile crept over his face. "Percy helped you with your father. That is 1 person. If you help him with his family - that is 6 siblings plus 2 parents - that is 8 people, not counting himself which he undoubtedly - and unfortunately - neglected. He would then owe you 7-fold, a debt that you could call in whenever you need it. Having such a contact at the Ministry could be... invaluable at times like these."

He tilted his head. "Furthermore, if you tell your father these details, and he tells the Dark Lord in turn... then your word and your father's will be kept, because it may prove more valuable to be owed a favour than to needlessly kill. Plus, if the Dark Lord truly wants them dead, he has many people under his command that he could instruct to do so if he knows of the arrangement."
The Slytherin's lips curled into a small smile as the logic of Sturgis' word sunk in. He arched an eyebrow, giving him an impressed look. "I hadn't thought of that. You're quite the Ravenclaw aren't you?" he teased good natured-ly.

It was a brilliant plan really, and Theo found his angry neatly severed, replaced with a sense of eagerness.
"You can take a man out of his House, but never take the House out of the man," he replied.

There was one thing, however, the he felt needed to be addressed.

"But perhaps there is one thing you can explain to me. You showed no surprise at my speaking about the Dark Lord..." Sturgis' eyebrows lifted in question, demanding an explanation.
Theodore blinked, face slackening in surprise that he had forgotten such an important detail. He had grown so comfortable in Sturgis' presence, he had forgotten he wasn't supposed to know of his connections with the Dark Lord.

"...Should I have?" he asked, debating trying to pass on a lie, or technicality, but Sturgis could read him too well for that. "...I saw your mask," he admitted, holding his gaze, preparing himself for the possibility of Sturgis lashing out.
Sturgis nodded. "So I was careless at least once, it seems - I suppose it's my own fault for growing too comfortable with you around."

He, however, could not find it within himself to truly berate himself for the slip. Had the boy had a problem with it, he would have done something about it - and perhaps he had also been desensitized by his father's association as well.

"You haven't told anyone, I presume, so perhaps it is for the best. What did you think when you saw it?" he asked curiously.
"I was...bit surprised," he admitted, "Though it fit. Seems pretty obvious now, but..." he shrugged, smiling, "Mostly I was scared you'd kill me if knew I'd seen, so I shut up about it. You didn't trust me quite so much then. I don't think you would have let me get two words out before I was seeing green."
Sturgis chuckled lowly at this revelation. Yes, it was indeed quite amusing, perhaps because it was the truth. He reached a hand along the back of the sofa to support himself as he leaned forward until his nose almost touched that of Theodore, and their eyes could look nowhere but at each other. "Whose to say I still won't kill you?" he asked in a tone that bordered between serious and playful.

He pulled back and placed his cup on the table, then rose up and casually walked over to where his transfigured mask stood on display. A quick ending of the spell, and the mask was once again its pristine white. He lifted it up to his face, turning to look at the boy through the eyeholes.

"Masks are interesting things," he began. "They hide one's identity, which enables them to do many things they might have denied themselves in the past. However, they also give a false representation of the person beneath them." He pulled the mask away and replaced it on its perch.

"Do not be fooled by such a mask. It can be a means to an end, but sometimes you risk giving of yourself more than it is worth. For some of us, we have nothing left, and so the sacrifice is worth it. However, one as young as yourself, with their entire life before them, and loved ones... Yes, what you lose will be so much more than what you would gain."

He smirked and stepped back over to the sofa. "Or perhaps I am simply selfish in that I would prefer you to worship me than Lord Voldemort." In almost one motion, he slid back onto the couch, reached out to thread his fingers into Theodore's dark, soft hair, and pulled him in for a long, possessive kiss.
Theodore smiled softly, eyes alight with amusement at Sturgis' playful threat. "You like me too much," he teased back, eyes moving to follow Sturgis as he moved towards the mask, placing it before his face.

It was strange, to see Sturgis' eyes peering out at him from behind the emotionless face of the mask. It was supposed to remove your identity, and yet Theo could have placed the man in an instant.

It brought him comfort to hear Sturgis' words, echoing his own fears and doubts regarding joining the ranks of the Dark Lord.

A light flush grew on his face at Sturgis' final words, as he was drawn into a kiss, eyes glowing with that playful look once more. "Such traitorous words," he teased in a voice barely above a whisper, "Wanting to keep me all for yourself."
Sturgis paused, eyes widening slightly at the boy's words. "Traitorous words, you say... quite fitting, as I am a traitor, but only to those who have proven unworthy of my loyalty."

His nose ran along Theodore's jaw, almost as if he was scenting him. "Do not be fooled, I would betray the Dark Lord if it suited my purposes. I have no doubt he knows it too, and uses me accordingly, but one day, my usefulness may come to an end. It is of no consequence to me, as long as serving him suits my goals, and that one day, I will have completed my objective."

He bit hard at the cords of Theodore's neck, then laved the bite with his warm tongue. "Yes, I am already a traitor. Have you ever heard of the... Order of the Phoenix?"
Theodore frowned softly, Linus' words echoing in his mind. One did not simply betray Lord Voldemort, to even think it could bring death crashing down upon you. If you stopped being useful you were disposed of, just as his mother had been.

A moan was drawn from the Prefect's lips as Sturgis' bit at his neck, worrying momentarily ebbed. "I've heard snippets," he murmured absently, "Dumbledore's force, working against the Dark Lord."
"Yes," Sturgis murmurred. "Once upon a time, we were quite the formidable opponent, but times change, and so do sides."

As if to emphasize his words, Sturgis moved around Theodore's chin to the opposite side, sinking his teeth into the boy's earlobe.

"With the recent changes, they will no doubt soon know of my treachery, and may risk coming after me. I look forward to it, for my revenge against them may then come to fruition. But you will not get involved, no matter what happens - these affairs are my own. Is that understood?"

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Theodore wondered what the Order could have done to wrong him so, hissing as he nipped at his ear, pulling him closer.

He frowned at Sturgis' words, face falling into that rare defiant look. "Bu-" he stifled his protest, eyes falling downwards. "I don't want you to get hurt," he muttered in a soft voice.
Needless to say, Sturgis was amused by such an silly and emotional response. "Don't want me to be hurt?" he asked facetiously. He sputtered out chuckles which finally grew into full blown laughter. His head was thrown back as he was overtaken momentarily by the hilarity of the moment.

"Were you not with me the other night in Cru Alley?" he asked when his laughter had finally died down enough for him to make a proper reply. "Did you not see with your own eyes just what I am capable of? And yet, you worry about me being hurt? I am the last person you should think of - save your worry for those who need it most, and pray that the next person who crosses me earns themselves a quick death. Perhaps you have not lived long enough yet, but... death is a release, the ultimate release from pain and suffering. It is a gift that merely comes to some earlier than others, and is not to be feared."
The slytherin looked only vaguely affronted by the laughter, cheeks flushing slightly with embarrassment, and mild annoyance, lips falling into a slight pout despite himself.

It was good to hear him laugh though, and as such he couldn't stay annoyed for more then a few moment before he gave in with a small smile.

"I like having you around. Is that such a bad thing?" he teased.
"Some would say it is, such as most of the students at this school," Sturgis replied playfully. "It has been ages since anyone has actually wanted my company. I have been rather ill-tempered ever since my arrest, you see; I refuse to laugh at silly jokes, and I tend to scare small children."

He leaned back against the sofa cushion and looked Theodore over with an appraising eye. "I can't help but wonder what your dear father would think of your appreciation of my particular company. He and I have never spoken, but as you now know, we 'travel in the same circles'."
Theo grinned. "Well they don't know what they're missing do they?" he said with a smile, "Maybe if you were nicer to people you'd have more then one kid who gets upset when you say you might die."

He blushed a light pink the mention of his father, imagining what his father might say. "I've mentioned you in the past, though I certainly he hope he doesn't know why I'm so fond of you," he said with an embarrassed laugh, "He seemed very interested in you. He all ways takes an interest in my professors."
"And maybe if I were nicer to people, then I might never get a moment's rest," he countered with a shake of his head.

He smiled slyly at the idea of Theodore writing to his father about his 'favourite teacher'. "It would certainly be interesting to see what he would have to say about some of the lessons you've had under my excellent tutelage," he teased. "Though speaking of which... have you taken any time to ponder our actions of the other night?"
Theodore smiled to himself, pleased in a way, that he had Sturgis all to himself.

"I don't think he'd have approved of the latter part of our last lesson," he teased, smiling softly at the memory. He gave a small nod, face taking up a more thoughtful expression. "I have. I felt a bit weird, not being more affected by it all."
Sturgis nodded. "It is strange at first, but the more you see and experience, the easier it is, and the more at ease you will be with distancing yourself from other people's pain. It is necessary if you are to be ready to get your own vengeance, because your enemies will use whatever is at their disposal to shake you, including your emotions. But as with everything, it will improve over time."

He inhaled deeply, then lifted up from the sofa and began walking away and toward the bed dominating the far wall. He began undoing buttons, then looked pointedly over his shoulder at the boy. "Come to bed. It is time to put some of your 'lessons' into practice," he said with an arrogant grin.
The slytherin latched on Sturgis' words, eating them up eagerly, wanting to improve in order to reach the state need to get his revenge. He was sure Sturgis could guide him to suppress the feelings eating at him.

A coy smile blossomed on his face, and he followed as beckoned.
"Yes, Professor," he said with a cheeky grin.
When the boy approached as instructed, Sturgis reached out to pull him near and latched his lips to Theodore's. He suddenly felt hungry, and his fingers hurriedly moved to undo the fastenings of the boy's robes.

"And what lesson should we go over tonight?" he asked once they had come up for air.
Theodore grinned into the kiss, shrugging off the robe as soon as Sturgis had gotten the fastening undone, letting it fall un-mindfully to the floor while his own fingers busied themselves tugging open the older man's shirt.

"Mm, which one is your favourite to teach?" he asked absently, tongue sweeping along Sturgis' neck.
"Well, let me see," Sturgis muttered as he felt his young lover's tongue along his throat.

"There's the lesson that will keep you from sitting for days," he began playfully as Theodore continued. "There's the lesson on how to keep your lips occupied with something other than words. We could practice binding curses, and sensation spells..."

He wrapped his fingers in Theodore's hair. "Or perhaps I could just fuck you until you forget your name," he growled.
The slytherin gave a low laugh, laving at Sturgis neck, teeth grazing lightly across the skin as his lips curled into a smirk.

"They all sound fun to me," he replied, blue eyes peering up at him him with anticipation, "And I'm such an eager pupil, couldn't we cover them all?"
Sturgis grinned. "Yes, you are so eager... But yes, I'm sure we could cram quite a few lessons into one night, if you're up for it."

He directed Theodore's head with the fingers entwined in his hair. "Now, let's start with keeping your lips busy," he said, moving the boy's head so that his lips could delve into the thatch of blonde hair revealed by the parting of Sturgis' robes.
"When am I not up for it?" he teased with a small laugh, obliging happily, leaving a wet trail from his neck down to his chest. His fingers pushed back the offending fabric to give him more access, kissing and laving at the skin, catching a nipple gently between his teeth.
Sturgis sighed as he felt the boy's attentions along his skin. As the boy 'worked', Sturgis finished undoing his clothing, slipping the robes from his shoulders, then moving to undo his trousers. Soon enough, they were pooled about his feet along with his pants, and he stepped out of the pile without losing the boy's touch.

"Now lower," he said huskily, his hand not-so-subtly drawing Theodore's lips down his chest, along his abdomen, to where his cock was beginning to awaken between his legs.
Theo obeyed, sinking gracefully to his knees, tongue ghosting along a hip before moving to trail along his length, taking him in his mouth, a hand gripping his base firmly, while the other braced on his sharp hipbone.
Sturgis allowed his head to fall back, feeling himself growing harder under the boy's attentions. He kept his grip in the dark hair, though no longer guided Theodore. Instead, he allowed the boy to move on his own, as if testing to see if he had learned his lessons well.

For a moment, a single moment, Sturgis felt a moment of something approaching perfection. He had a job that was at the very least entertaining, if not somewhere approaching being fulfilling. He was ever growing closer to his revenge. He was feared by many, and deservedly so. And before him was a young man, so enthusiastically worshipping his body and ready to do whatever Sturgis asked of him.

Oh yes, life was definitely good for one Sturgis Podmore.

"Suck me, now," he ordered, needing to feel the delicious suction of the boy's addictive mouth.
Theodore glanced up, shaking his hair from his face before setting to work, taking him in his mouth, head bobbing around his shaft, hand pumping in time with his movements.

Mmmmm, yesssss.

He looked down, watching Theo's kiss-swollen lips wrapped around his shaft, moving along him, devouring him... He knew he would have to stop it eventually to move onto other fun 'lessons', but for now, he simply enjoyed the sight before him, and the sensations it produced.

He let out a long, low sigh, and petted Theo's hair back, as if to tell him what a good job he was doing.
He pulled back for a moment to catch his breath, continuing to pump his cock, nuzzling it briefly before taking it back into his mouth, sucking languidly, finding the pace which elicited the best responses quickly, taking him in a deep as he could.
Sturgis' eyes widened as the boy did everything just right, and could feel himself growing closer to the edge. He pulled Theo's lips from his cock before that could happen. He lifted his young lover onto his feet and pulled him into a kiss, relishing his own taste on those lips.

"Time for another lesson," he growled. "And this time, I intend on hearing you beg..."

The Prefect kissed back eagerly, giving a soft, expectant moan at Sturgis' words, eyes glinting mischievously, wondering how long he could last before Sturgis succeeded in having him beg. "Mmm, and if I don't?" he teased.
"Oh, you will," Sturgis replied with certainty.

He drew his young lover over to the bed and pushed him down onto the sheets. Once Theodore was lying completely on the mattress, Sturgis stepped back. With a smirk, he pulled out his wand and began spelling the bedsheets so that they twisted around the boy's wrists and ankles before fastening themselves to the four-poster. He then called over a chair and positioned it so that Theodore would have an excellent view, and sat down once he had removed the very last of his own clothing.

His hand slid along his own member, more for show than to provide any actual stimulation. With a flick of his wand, he cast a spell that would cause gentle, tickling sensations along Theodore's skin, not enough to make him laugh but more than enough to increase his arousal - but once again, not enough to bring any form of completion.

The boy had to beg, after all.
As always, Theo's stubbornness wouldn't allow him to give in until he had been stretched quite to his limits.

He twisted within his bonds as much as they would allow, trying to either find freedom for the torturous tickling sensations, or to heighten them.

Groans of pleasure and frustration were drawn from the boys lips, and he had to bite hard at his lower lip to keep from giving in, eyes locked on Sturgis through tousled hair, giving a pleading look, fighting back a smirk despite himself, determined to hold off begging as long as he could. Sturgis would win in the end, he always did.
Sturgis spotted an empty glass on the night table, and with a quick spell, transfigured it into a nice, long, sharp knife. The boy was still wearing everything but the robes that Sturgis had removed, and it was long past time the rest were removed. He levitated the knife and slid it beneath the collar of the boy's pristine white shirt, then with a twist of his wand, the knife sliced through the material. Slowly, white strips of cloth fell about the young body before the knife moved to start in on Theodore's trousers.

He maneuvered the knife in such a way that every now and then, the flat side of it moved along Theo's skin, tantalizingly close to his sex but never quite touching. Soon, the boy was naked, and the knife continued along its journey, arcing as if to slice through the thatch of hair surrounding the straining member, but averting itself at the last moment.

"Ready to beg yet?" he asked, fully expecting the answer to be in the negative.
The Slytherin had stilled when Sturgis had produced to knife, blue eyed tracking it's progress carefully, breath hitching unbidden as it would near closer to casing harm, though he knew he was safe. He took low shallow breaths, licking his lower lip a tad nervously and shaking his head, very nearly smiling. "Not yet."
"Then I haven't done my job properly yet," Sturgis said.

He rose up from the chair and slid onto the bed, climbing over the boy's naked body until he was straddling Theodore's lean stomach. He settled into his new seat and slid his hand along his own sex, stroking it leisurely as he looked down into the boy's eyes.

"I hope I'm not boring you," he teased.
Theodore arched an eyebrow, smirking amusedly and shaking his head at the idea of Sturgis boring him. "As if you could," he muttered, straining absently against the restraints on his wrists, eyes flickering down, watching the man stroke himself longingly.

He doubted he'd be able to hold out much longer and he gave Sturgis a pleading look, as always reluctant to give in, hoping Sturgis might offer an out, though it had yet to work in the past.