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Just Give Owls a Chance

An owl flies off from the Hogwarts owlery, a letter attached to its leg which has been hexed a lot (as determined in this thread). The senders only pray it reaches its targets...

Dear Harry, Ron, and Hermione,

We don't know if this will get through to you, but we had to try. The three of you are greatly missed by all of us here at Hogwarts, particularly those of us in the DA. We did have some initial unease at working together without you here to bind us together, but recently have have found our inspiration, and have used it as a way to hide our identities and yours. Here is our code:

Anthony = Bors
Ernie = Caradoc
Ginny = Gawain
Hannah = Calogrenant
Harry = Daniel
Hermione = Griflet
Luna = Galahad
Megan = Dinadan
Michael = Pelleas
Neville = Gareth
Ron = Aglovale
Zach = Kay

If there is anything at all we can do for you, please let us know. If there is soemthing at Hogwarts you need, or that you think can help us help you, that's what we're here for. We're worried about you, watching the Prophet every day and hoping for no news.

We all wish you the best of luck, and a quick end to this terrible war before it has the opportunity to destroy too many lives. Oh, and after you've memorized the code, be sure to burn this note. Though it's almost a shame, you wouldn't imagine just how many hexes we put on the bloody thing.

If you can, write us back soon.

Your friends,

Caradoc and Galahad


Dearest Caradoc and Galahad,

All is well on our small vacation, although no news yet on when our big brother will allow us back to school - he does worry so. I have made a side trip to a small tourist town today, which is a lovely place. Sent this letter to you while I was there -- the postal service is not at all trustworthy where we are at the moment. Emergency post, thankfully, is getting through but nothing else seems to arrive. I'd suggest waiting until we move to try again, unless it's something urgent. I have no idea how the postmaster tells the difference, but they seem to do it well. Clever things.

Daniel thanks you for your wishes, and is quite taken with your new party idea. Although he says that if he is to be a knight, he wants to carry the lion's sword -- if you can find him anything like that where you are, please let us know so we can stop scouring shops for it out here.

Aglovale decided not to accompany me today, preferring to stay at the Hotel, but I am sure he extends his best wishes to all and hopes that Gawain especially is taking care of things in his absence.

Glad things are going well, and you aren't missing us all too much. We, of course, miss you all desperately, and hope that our big brother stops being such a pest and allows things back to how they were soon enough. Take care of yourselves, each other, and everyone there.