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sexyevilone in augury_rpg

Who: Sturgis and Aurora
What: Friendly chat and comfort on a cold evening - or as friendly as an evil DE can get ;)
Where: Aurora's rooms
When: Friday, 14 November - late evening
Status: Incomplete

Sturgis approached the door to Aurora's rooms with a bottle of firewhiskey in hand, reflecting on how it had been nearly two weeks since he had last spoken with his co-worker. He had left Theodore to whatever it was the boy did at night on his own, feeling the need for the company of his peers - and quite frankly, the only one in the blasted castle whom he would wish to spend any time with was Aurora. His lips tilted up as he remembered their first conversation, and firewhiskey in the Room of Requirement... Yes, they were long overdue.

He knocked on the door, awaiting her answering reply and wondering if he should have brought some red wine instead.


Aurora looked up from her book in surprise. She rarely got visitors, much less at this hour of night. She laid the book face down on the coffee table and unfolded herself from couch, hurrying over to the door, wishing she had one of those little peek holes so many Muggle homes seemed to possess.

"Sturgis," she said with a smile as the door swung open to reveal her colleague. "This is a nice surprise."

She had spent a lot of time thinking about their relationship, telling herself that she needed to avoid contact, that he was dangerous, and the last thing she needed was to be associated with another Death Eater (with no luck yet on figuring out what seemed to attract her to them in the first place).

But all she had managed to do was rationalize their friendship. And seeing him now, smiling and holding a bottle of firewhiskey, she was glad she had. Ironically, he was one of the only people in the castle she felt truly at ease with.

This had been a rather social week for her...
"Well, I found myself to be in need of adult company, and thought a nice chat with an old-new friend would be an excellent way to start the weekend," he began, offering her the bottle.

"Unless, of course, I've interrupted something, or you have other plans of some sort."

Which he doubted, of course, seeing as she appeared like the only thing he was interrupting was a relationship with a good book.
"No, please, come in. I am afraid Friday evenings are never as exciting for me as perhaps they should be."

She moved away from the door, allowing him in before closing it behind him. She led reached past him and grabbed a few glasses from the small wooden cupboard by the door, and led Sturgis to the couch, gesturing for him to make himself comfortable.

"How are your classes? Are the students proving as much a problem with recent changes as they have been for me?"
He settled in upon the sofa and took the glasses from her, laying them on the coffee table to pour out the firewhisky.

"For the most part, the older students are taking it well. In fact, because it's Muggle Studies, I offered them the challenge of using it as an opportunity to understand their subjects better. Some were still opposed, but with one notable exception, everyone has been behaving themselves." He sighed. "The younger students, however, have been rather obnoxious about the entire thing. Not just the new decree, but the new program. I've been considering... alternate methods of discipline, since losing house points and detentions have had little to no effect."

He handed a full glass to her, then took a sip of the other one. "But aside from that, it's been same-old, same-old. And yourself? I would imagine it hasn't been too bad, as Astronomy is usually a matter of using equipment rather than performing magic."
It was on the tip of her tongue to ask what 'alternative methods' he was wishing to use, but she caught herself just in time. She took the glass and drew a small sip from the glass before answering.

"The lack of magic isn't the problem. It's distraction...even my older students seem to be unable to concentrate properly, and their grades are beginning to suffer for it. I expect as things settle down more they will as well. But until then..."

She shrugged, letting the sentence hang, and took another sip.
"Ah, yes, the distraction of youth," he commented with an almost-fond voice. "I'm certain after the newness of the recent changes have died down, some of the distraction will be refocussed, however... they are still young."

He leaned his arm against the back of the sofa and used his upraised hand to prop up his head. He leaned in conspiratorily, a playful look in his eyes. "Do you remember the types of distractions you used to get into at their age? Hormones ablaze and minds on but one thing - and everything else somehow leading back to that one thing. The stories I can tell of my 6th year alone..."

He chuckled and took another sip of firewhiskey. "Have no worry, everything will be back to relative normality in short order. If not, we'll simply have to petrify them into their seats if only so they'll listen to our lessons."
Aurora blushed, but chuckled, leaning back into the cushions of the couch.

"I remember once in my 6th year as well...a boyfriend and I snuck into the library. It was an obvious choice for a couple of Ravenclaws. We were nearly caught by Pince, and ended up hiding half naked under her desk. Luckily, it was the one place she seemed to assume we wouldn't have the audacity to hide, because she never looked."

She grinned and finished off her glass.
"For some reason, I find it particularly easy to imagine yourself and some young buck naked and nervous beneath Pince's desk," he said with a playful leer. "The question remains - what happened under that desk when Pince finally left?"

He leaned forward to take back the bottle, refilled Aurora's glass before his own, then searched his mind for a story of his own to tell.

"In my sixth year, I was nearly obsessed with this Slytherin girl who I thought was the most desirable girl in the world. She excelled in teasing me, but over time I thought I had finally won her over. Finally, this one evening she whispers in my ear after dinner to meet her in the broom closet of the 3rd floor's west wing. I'm excited, of course, and rush there at the appointed time. The moment I open the door, I'm pulled inside by two pairs of hands - one was a bloke, the other I presumed was her, though in the dark I couldn't tell. Things were going quite well for a while, until suddenly there was a 'meow' outside the door a moment before it was pulled open. Of course, at that very moment, I was being rogered on one end with a fanny on the other, and it was none other than the caretaker standing there over us. Worse yet - the light showed me my two partners, and I'd never even met them before!"

He chuckled at the memory. "I was quite hard-pressed to explain myself, you can imagine."
Aurora laughed, her head falling back slightly.

"I'm afraid you have me beat on interesting sexual experiences. While we continued our little escapade under Pince's desk, it was not nearly so exciting as that."

She drank down half of her glass, and shook her head. "What did the caretaker do?"
"I wish I could tell a tale of further sexual hijinks, but alas, he put an immediate stop to the proceedings before anyone could finish," he revealed with exaggerated disappointment. "As we were all under 17, the pair's parents were owled - it turns out they were siblings - and my guardians were as well. There was a significant loss of points, detentions for the rest of the year, and expressions of parental disappointment."

His face broke into a wide grin. "However, as I met up with the two of them several more times before graduation the next year, it was all worth it."

He took another sip of his drink, then looked at Aurora with an almost-affectionate look. "You're still quite young, with much life ahead of you. Plenty of time for new and interesting escapades. And speaking of which... I remember the last time we had a genuine heart-to-heart that you were still sore from your experience with that arsehole who broke your heart. I do hope you're feeling much better, and perhaps even ventured out to remember that there are other fish in that particular sea," he said with a wink.
Aurora smiled sadly and looked down at her drink.

"I realize now that it was a foolish dream to begin with, but I am getting over it much more quickly then I had originally foreseen. I think my problem at this point is that it has been so long since I have been with anyone else that he is still fresh on my mind, whatever I do."

She drank down the rest of her drink, and placed it on the coffee table.

"I just need to get out and meet people, I guess."
"Did I not tell you something similar once?" he teased. "A nice, hot shag will go a long way toward curing a heartache. At the very least, you might have another encounter to add to your memories and remind you how to feel alive again."

He reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. "Have no doubt you are a beautiful woman, one whom any man - and many women - would kill to spend even a night with. All you would have to do is go out and be yourself, and they will line themselves up at your feet. Choose wisely, though - the last thing you need is a man who shall cling to you once the heat of passion has abated."
Aurora smiled at Sturgis, pulling her legs under her and wrapping her arms around her knees, almost unconsciously, laying her cheek against down against them.

"I just wish I wasn't so shy," she said with a sigh. "It's a condition from childhood I was never able to shake. However confident I may feel at any given moment vanishes when confronted with actual people who might be able to notice it."
Sturgis nodded sagely. The hand that had brushed back her hair now moved to stroke a finger along her exposed cheek, the one that was not pressed against her knees.

"Then perhaps what you need isn't a random stranger, with whom you cannot feel like yourself," he began, "but... a friend, one with whom you're already over your shyness, and one who will still 'respect' you in the morning."

He then offered her a grin that had a hint of leer in it, showing that the suggestion also contained an offer - one she was free to refuse, but was there to take up should she wish it.