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we're off to see the wizard...

Who: Ron and Hermione
What: Quality time
Where: Where they're hiding
When: December 15th, early-ish morning
Status: Incomplete

Hermione supposed the hardest thing in this world for her to say was 'I'm afraid'. She could only assume that is why she had gone along with their upcoming plan, why she had done her best to make sure that it was as foolproof as something so irresponsible could possibly be. It seemed easier to march the lot of them off to what was becoming increasingly certain death than it was for her to stop and admit that she was utterly terrified.

She had gone so far as to prepare a list for herself. One that encompassed all the things she wanted to have done in case the worst happened. She felt slightly guilty for how few of these things involved books or learning; most of them were far more simple. Spend a night looking for her favourite constellations had been one of them. Todays was rising early to watch the sun rise.

It was overly romantic and cliched, and as she sat outside their tent to watch the colours in the sky change, it also seemed strangely uninteresting. Still, and this was the most important thing to Hermione, she could at the very least say that she had done it now. She could cross if off her list, one of very few things on a very long list, and hope that she would have time for the rest of them.


The dream had been one that left Ron with a melange of mixed emotions. He felt simultaneously warm, comfortable, and fulfilled and, conversely, empty and alone. And when he reached out in the darkness of semiconsciousness for the dream-Hermione that was fading away like fog in the sunshine, he found only air.

It nearly made him want to sink back into the pillows and cry. But that sort of thing wasn't him, wasn't the way he did things, and instead he just sighed deeply and got up. There was no way he'd get back to sleep anyway.

His eyes, still a bit bleary, made out the form of Harry as he slept on. But Hermione was absent, and that worried him. Especially in the aftermath of his dream, the details of which were already beginning to escape him, leaving in their wake only feelings of inexplicable loss.

Outside. She's probably outside.

She turned out to be sitting right outside the tent, and that filled him with relief. So much so that he stood behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders, and gave a gentle squeeze. Just enough to say "I'm here."
"Morning," Hermione whispered, placing her hands on top of his. She had thought her time alone would be relaxing, but she felt far more calm knowing that Ron was here with her than she had when she was sitting by herself. "Sit down?"

She patted the ground next to her, shifting herself to the side so there would be room for the both of them. Biting on her lip for a moment, Hermione turned her head back towards the tent, pondering whether they should move somewhere further away. She didn't want to wake Harry unless she could tell he was having a nightmare of some sort; she liked knowing he was resting properly.

"I hope I didn't wake you," she said quietly, smiling ruefully. She was tempted to tell Ron why she had really come out here, but the concept of her list seemed ridiculously girly and silly when she thought about about it. "I needed a little air."
He sat down next to her, his arm finding a natural path around her shoulders, and breathed out a heavy sigh. "Nah, you didn't wake me. Just..."

Had a dream about something I can't even remember, but that involved losing you after holding you really closely? Couldn't even think about trying to go back to sleep till I'd seen you?

"...Just, y'know, woke up and knew I'd never get back to sleep." He smiled in what he hoped would be an encouraging manner. "You know how it is." He shook his head dismissively and, hoping for something to divert attention away from what had woken him up, he nodded towards the horizon. "Nice sunrise, that, eh?"
Hermione stifled a laugh, resting her head on his shoulder and snaking an arm around his waist. "It's pretty," she said, pretending she hadn't been thinking how boring it was just seconds before. "I haven't really paid attention to one before, and I thought that perhaps..."

Cutting herself off, Hermione sighed. She had no idea what it was about Ron that short-circuited her ability to think before she spoke, but he always seemed to pull the truth out of her without her consent. Turning her head so that she could kiss his shoulder in an attempt to distract herself from what she didn't particularly want to think about, she found it quite difficult to get her thoughts together.

"There's no time like the present," she parroted, closing her eyes. "Besides, it's almost nice here. Under better circumstances, I think I'd like to get away from all the noise out there for a while."
When she kissed his shoulder in such an offhanded manner, a strange feeling came over him. The best he could do to approximate it was that someone had just laid a finger on a tautly pulled, vibrating violin string and brought it stillness. And at that moment, he understood what his dream had been about. He needed to have her close to him, especially in such uncertain times. With the threat of discovery, of capture, of the absolute worst hanging over their heads at every turn, he needed to know she was there.

And her head seemed to fit perfectly into the juncture of his shoulder and neck, and his arm seemed to guide it there so naturally...

"Yeah," he replied softly, turning his own head to return the kiss to the top of her head, breathing in the scent of her hair and savoring the tingling sensation she managed to spark in him with any sort of proximity. "I never paid much attention to the sunrise either, but you're right. It's nice."

Nicer that I can sit here and share it with you.
Hermione was half tempted to cast some form of awakening charm on herself. This, almost identical to a thousand half-formed daydreams she'd never quite let herself have, seemed surreal. If one could ignore the impending disaster, at any rate, which she was finding it increasingly difficult to do.

The kiss he pressed to the top of her head was certainly a distraction. Hermione was tempted to tilt her head up just a little, to see if it felt the same if she kissed him properly, but that would involve both a risk that he wouldn't want to and moving from where she felt so very comfortable.

"We'll have to come back here after," she said, giving in to her urge to look up at him, every part of her hoping that she was right. That there would be an 'after'. "When we're not attempting to hide."

That word seemed so tempting, so tantalizing, and so unreally far away. There was so much that could happen, so many things that could change, during the course of this war, that he wondered sometimes if "after" was just an abstract thought he kept in his head, or whether he actually believed that things would ever go back to normal.


Then again, "after" did have a certain feeling of accomplishment attached to it. Completion, that was it. After they'd rid the world of this living nightmare that seemed hell-bent on twisting everything to his whim, destroying everything good and pure and right, after he was gone and defeated and truly, finally, dead, then maybe...

Then maybe the sunrise would look even better.

He had to laugh at himself. Such a silly thought, really, not at all like him. But he couldn't deny it had its appeal as well.

"When we don't have to hide anymore, we'll come back here," he found himself saying. "And if you like, we can watch the sunrise. Though I'd prefer the sunset, if it's all the same to you."

And he leaned his head against hers.
Hermione smiled despite herself; as lovely as the view was, she couldn't see herself wasting more of their precious time with something she had already seen. "I can live with that," she said, nibbling on her lower lip as she contemplated the possibilities. She hadn't meant to suggest that he had to come back with her when she had thought of it, had meant it in more of an abstract sense, but she couldn't deny that the idea thrilled her. "Perhaps we'll even bring proper food next time."

It was comfortable like this, Hermione discovered. With Ron's head resting against hers, and the quiet of the woods around her, she felt almost peaceful. While she supposed that peaceful was good, considering how spectacularly hectic their lives were about to get, Hermione was sick of quiet. She wanted to feel something different. She would settle for feeling anything that wasn't a variation on fear.

Tilting her head slightly, she placed a soft kiss on his cheek, savouring the idea that she was actually allowed to do it. It still felt too good to be true, as much as she had thought that would fade. Perhaps it would feel new forever, a thought Hermione could quite easily live with.