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looking down

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If even opened, the letter reads:


I'm so sorry about what I did in the room tonight. Its just that you make me so mad sometimes. I'm ashamed. I should have been more sensitive to your friendship with Vaisey Linus Vaisey. It didn't occur to me that you'd feel that way. I'm not psychic. It was just hard finding those alone. You wade through a whole House's worth of unmentionables and see how quickly you want to escape. It wasn't fun.

I can't apologize anymore about today because you don't seem to hear it anyhow, so I'm not even going to try. I don't think I should have to apologize for keeping my friend safe. If a Hufflepuff had done what I did, would you be mad at them, or praising their loyalty?

Anyway I'm writing to tell you that the package I had dropped off just fine. It's going to be a great holiday this year, and I hope they love it. Sorry you couldn't come yourself but you were missed.



The letter had been delivered to the Hufflepuff 7th year boys' dorm just as Ernie was getting ready for bed. Somehow he knew who it was from before he even got a good look at it, and he had left it to sit on his night table until he'd finished putting on his pyjamas, then made a quick run to the loo for some final ablutions before turning in.

Finally tucked into bed, he'd taken in a deep breath before finally opening the note as if preparing for the worst. Instead, for the second time in a day, a tear tracked its way down his cheek.

He hated fighting with any of his friends, for whatever reason, but it just seemed that lately it was inevitable. Perhaps it was the tension of living in constant fear of discovery and punishments and interviews that could decide one's fate that brought all of their emotions to the fore. All any of them wanted to do was fight those that oppressed them, but since they couldn't yet, they were fighting amongst themselves.

At first he'd decided to leave it till morning when he could talk to Michael in person, however, he knew that his friend wouldn't sleep well thinking that Ernie was still angry with him. Michael's actions did still sting, but they were close friends - they'd get over it.


While I still don't agree with what you did, I know you didn't mean any real harm by it and were just trying to help. We've all been on edge lately, and though I'd like to admit otherwise, I'm not immune. I'm glad the others made it all right. I would have loved to have helped, but by the end my presence was more hindrance than help.

So long story short, I'm not still mad at you. Now go to bed, all right? We'll talk in the morning.

And for what it's worth... you were missed too.

Michael laid in bed, staring up at the blue fabric of his comforter. He hadn't slept, though only partially thanks to his fight with Ernie. It was the thing that bothered him most, even after he had relieved his tension for the day. He swallowed, attempting to steady his breath before any of his mates could possibly wake up and wonder what was amiss, and then wiped away the evidence on his stomach and chest with a discarded sock.

He rolled over onto his side, breathing erratically before he flicked his wand to check the time.

"Young Master Michael?" Came a whispered voice, that had Michael jumping out of his skin. He gasped and tensed as a greyish-brown hand pushed aside the heavy drapes to his bed.

"Wha- what is it Dobby?" Michael asked, recognizing the House Elf in the darkness from the reflectiveness of his large, watery, often sad eyes. "Oh Merlin, they didn't catch Eleanor and Owen did they? Or Dean?"

Dobby looked confusedly at Michael, before his features drooped. "Dobby is sad to report that young master Owen Cauldwell was caught out at night past school grounds, sir. But that is not why Dobby has come. Dobby has a letter from Master Macmillan."

Michael's heart tore in half- half elated to hear from Ernie, half-crushed to hear Owen was captured. "And Eleanor Branstone?"

"She has not been seen, Master Corner. Master Cauldwell was seen coming through the gates after curfew."

He got cold feet and must have come back. Dammit! Michael thought. "Thanks Dobby."

"Goodnight Master Corner." Dobby stated before he withdrew.

Michael read the letter and while it should have made everything alright, he felt a nagging ache in his chest from the news. "Dobby!" Michael harshly whispered. "Wait a tick. I need you to send something to Ernie."

Michael quickly jotted down a note to Ernie and sent it on its way.


Thanks, it means alot. I hate fighting with you. Unfortunately we have a problem and we'll talk tomorrow. Owen was captured while returning to the castle. He must have gotten cold feet.