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Who: Anthony, Michael and Hannah
What: Things didn't go exactly as planned
Where: Great Hall
When: Breakfast, December 16, 1997
Status: Incomplete

The first thing Anthony thought about when he read the news this morning was his sister Sarah. Just when things were getting better at home since Rachel had been released from her three week sentence at the local detaining center, now this happened. His older sister Sarah, who was planning on marrying her Muggleborn fiance Eli in April, would be devestated to learn that marriage would not be legal. But then again, at this point, Sarah was probably more worried that Eli would be arrested - or worse - that she might not be that concerned about their ruined nuptials. Just the same, Anthony had every intention of writing home today, to check in with everyone.

Closing the paper and pushing it aside, Anthony dipped a knife into a jar of butter and spread it onto a piece of warm cinnamon toast.  He took a bite, just as his best mate Michael took a seat down beside him.


Michael had propelled himself inside of the Great Hall quickly, not because of a time constraint but because being awake all night had given his body the chance to realize just how hungry it was. His bolt was guided by his stomach. "Hey mate," Michael greeted warmly to Anthony, clapping his head gently in an affectionate hold before he sat down next to Terry. "Terry, you must have a tapeworm. Slice at a time, man!"

Michael grinned as Terry was shovelling toast into his mouth without really swallowing, somehow managing to pour pumpkin juice down in between. "Mfthkyumph." Was Terry's response, along with a foodstuffed sneer.

Michael chuckled, turned to Anthony and pointed to Terry, "Should I be scared that I know what he actually said? Fuck you, right?" Michael said, jerking his head back to Terry, who nodded with a packed cheek, cheeky and supremely amused grin.

Michael looked down at Anthony's toast, "Merlin that smells good."
"Well, seven years of friendship is bound to have unusual results," replied Anthony before taking enough bite. After he finished chewing, he continued. "The Ability to decipher words with a full mouth, identify a mate by his snore, determine how long it's been since he showered by his smell."

He tossed Michael a piece. "Enjoy!"
Michael caught the toast against his puffed out, thin chest and let it fall into his palm, neverminding the residue it left. "Brilliant, thanks." He grinned, taking a liberal first bite. His eyes moved up, their greyness amused before the boy stuck his beaky nose up into the air and inhaled. "Uhh... twenty, maybe thirty minutes." Michael said, pointing to Anthony. His finger turned to Terry, "Two or three weeks, I'd say."

Terry scoffed, "Mfthkyumph!!"

Michael grinned and pointed with his thumb, "Yep. Definitely 'fuck you'." Seeing Anthony's juice was emptying, Michael reached for the glass caraf and with a backhand 'I'm cool' motion poured it to the brim.
"Dankeschön, meines Freundes" Anthony replied, before taking a sip. "So, did you get a chance to look at the paper today?" It was getting more and more difficult for Anthony to withhold his true opinion of what was going, but he knew that they must continue to be covert - at least for the time being. "Let's just say that I don't think Sarah will be pleased with his."

Anthony glanced up. "Don't even think about it," he said, as he saw Terry's hand inch its way across the table.
"No, lets see," Michael responded, brow knitting. He had religiously been collecting the paper since all this madness had begun- now Michael avidly avoided it. There was no mistaking it- the Prophet was just a propaganda rag now. Still, it did have the occasional story that usually dismayed more than uplifted.

"Oh bloody fuck, you're kidding me." Michael scowled. "Wait, isn't Sarah marrying a Muggleborn?" Michael paused, shifting the paper down next to Terry's creeping hand- and then promptly raising it up and swatting it before setting it down. "Bad Terry." Terry snickered, as all this had become a game to him now.

He sighed and shrugged, "Well... she can still get married and be with him. Sarah's strong- and a piece of paper from the government isn't what counts. Its the commitment, right?" Michael was trying to be uplifting, but it was clear that this news bothered him.

"Well... while we're sharing..." Michael turned his juice by the rim, his fingers moving deftly. His voice became low and hushed. "Owen Cauldwell must've had cold feet. Dobby overheard that he was captured. He told me last night. Eleanor's safe."
"Sure, marriage is about commitment. But to lose the backing of the government and all the rights associated with it? Any children they have will illegitmate. If one of them were to die, the other will not be seen as a spouse, but as a "domestic partner". They could lose the children, any shared property." Anthony's words were hushed, so as not to attract the attention of anyone nearby. But he also knew that Michael already understood what this Purification Act really meant - to all future marriages and all those that were disolved as a result.

But Anthony's train of thought was derailed when Michael mentioned Owen. "Captured? How? There's no way he could have returned to the castle. He's not even old enough to apparate."
"Oh, believe me," Michael said with raise of his hands up in a stopping way, "I know how serious this is. And its completely insane, mate. I really feel for Sarah and well... pretty much everyone whos about to lose their spouse or parents in this. Its complete bollocks." Michael looked up, "But its not the end of the world, trust me. Couples like me have done it for centuries and we've managed." Michael bit his toast and talked while he chewed, "Keep in mind as soon as we win this, all this rubbish'll be repealed." He gestured then in a circle with his toast-hand and swallowed.

Michael sighed in frustration, "Yeah I don't understand. I mean I suppose he could have picked up how to apparate illegally, but we were in the bloody middle of nowhere. I don't understand how he could have gotten back even if he wanted to. I mean up until then, he was a ruddy mouse."
Anthony pondered the scenario for a moment, trying to figure out how it was possible. He was about to offer an outrageous suggestion when Professor Carrow strode past and Anthony was quick to seal his mouth. The last thing he wanted was that woman to over hear dialogue regarding this issue.

Carrow was passing by on the way to the Hufflepuff table. Heading directly to where Hannah was sitting, the older woman pulled out a letter from the folds of her robes and handed it over to the girl. "Miss Abbott," she said simply, but the look on her face showed that Professor Carrow was not pleased by the information she was giving Hannah. Anthony immediately took that as good news.
Michael's eyes followed Anthony's gaze towards Hannah at the disruption of their conversation. He too watched as Carrow dropped a letter next to Hannah, who looked up bleakly at the woman. Michael could also see whatever it was about, Carrow seemed disapleased.

The moment Anthony looked back at Michael, Michael smirked and gestured with his chin, "Get over there. What're you doing at this abundance-of-wiener table anyhow? Go talk to her." His smile quirked a little more to the side, revealing teeth in pleasure.

Michael chuckled and looked down, then smirked at Terry. "You eat sort of like a duck, don't you Terr?"

"Mfthkyumph!!" Terry smirked, his face hovering maybe three inches from his plate but turned just long enough to utter it.

Michael grinned, "Welcome to the wiener table..." Michael whispered to himself, and smiled quietly.
Anthony smiled and with Michael's permission, quickly left the Ravenclaw table and went over to visit Hannah.

"Mind if I sit down?" He asked.
Hannah looked up at Anthony and blinked. She looked so tired, but not as haggard as she had during Defense Against the Dark Arts. She did look worse for wear though. Her hands were bandaged in bright white bands, with herbs sticking from the occasional band. "No. Please, love." Hannah said simply. It became evident that she was stunned, and hadn't even finished unfolding her letter to read it.
Without even thinking, Anthony reached out and held her two hands gently in his. "Detention, I see," he said, solemnly. And even though he didn't say it, his anger was evident on his face. "I'll find a way to get you out of the next class. I don't know how, but I'll figure something out," Anthony assured her. His thumbs grazed her bandages lightly.

Looking up at Hannah, he could see how worn out she looked. He wished that there was something he could do to help her.

"Carrow didn't look too pleased when she dropped off the letter. I'm sure that means it's good news, right?"
"Yea," Hannah nodded, allowing Anthony to touch and turn her hands. She shook her head, her eyes squinted while she pulled her hands away, "No... no don't do anything like that. Don't get yourself hurt. I shouldn't have smarted off to her." Hannah looked up, her washed out green eyes asking him to be careful. "I'm fine, really I am. Its just a few burns."

"No, she was pretty angry." Hannah nodded, her eyes only now dropping down to read. Her breath caught in her throat eventually and she tried to form words. "Dear Miss Abbott. Upon further investigation, the Continuing Committee has issued a probationary ruling of 'Loyalist'. You are warned that any deviation from established mores of our culture will almost certainly cause a revocation of this decision." Hannah turned it over to Anthony to reveal it was just a standard form letter, the only signature on it pinned 'N. Vaisey', under the title of Associate Chair.

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"That's great!" Anthony nodded. "I mean, not great that they think you're a loyalist, but it means they won't expel you, Hannah!" The Head Boy could barely hide his excitement. "I've been so worried," he confessed, "every since they said they'd be interrogating the Half bloods as well."

Anthony leaned in closer to her. "I know it's hell here right now, Han, but having you here makes it bearable." He let go of her hands so as not to hurt her any further. "And don't worry about what I plan to do. I know the system now and I can keep you away from her, without getting caught."

Hannah blinked in shock, not entirely sure that she was still even holding the letter. She blinked again, her brow slowly knitting. "I thought for sure I was off back to London. Or worse." She spoke sort of in half-step with Anthony. She heard his words and they registered but somehow her response was lost to it all.

"I'm.... loyal..." She blinked, like this realization was new to her.

Finally, Hannah just jumped, grabbed Anthony and hugged him, her eyes wide like a deer's. "I'm... I'm staying! Oh Merlin! I'm staying!" She babbled, squeezing him. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was hiccupping something between a sob and grateful laughter.
Anthony stood up and held Hannah in his arms, grateful for the emotion that came spilling out of her. She had been so dazed, so disorientated for weeks now - it was so wonderful to see her react with such life.

But his delight was dampered quickly, when he could feel the steely gaze of Professor Carrow on his back. "Come on, Hannah. Let's go some place else." He placed his hand on her lower back.
Fumbling up after Anthony, Hannah followed. She clutched around his midsection, her face pressed against his shoulder in awkward fashion as he led her away. Her arms shifted and wrapped around Anthony's neck once outside of the Great Hall. Suddenly she was up, wrapping her legs around Anthony in a very undignified way, actually crowing out in happiness, releasing a wad of pent up anguish. Then she planted a deep, passionate kiss against Anthony's mouth, and looked at him, her eyes bright.
To say Anthony was surprised by Hannah jumping into his arms and wrapping her legs around him would be an understatement. In fact, he had to take a few steps backward to stabalize himself against nearby wall and tuck his hands around her lower back in order to accomodate all her enthusiasm. And then when she kissed him....

"Merlin, what did I do to deserve this?" He asked, when her lips finally parted from his. The smile on his face was terribly undignified, but he didn't care. For a moment, that shine - that spark that was the essence of Hannah - was back. Anthony freed one hand and reached up to touch her face, sliding his fingers under her chin to pull her close to him for another sweet kiss.
"You existed," was Hannah's only breathless, ecstatic answer, the light in Hannah's green eyes reborn with the smallest of victories. She still looked tired, her hands were still burnt. But she was vibrant and alive in the moment.

She eventually slid loose and simply stood pressed against Anthony, about the time he gripped for her chin. She kissed him almost sobbingly, sort of hiccuping in gratitude between the soft smacks of kisses between them. "Where?" She asked, hinting to when Anthony suggested they go somewhere. Then she kissed him again, passionately but chastely as she regained a sense of her own decorum- and Anthony's.
"Where?" Anthony asked, almost confused. "Oh, I hadn't really thought of anywhere, exactly, simply that we had to get out of there," he gestured to the Great Hall.

"But right now I'll go just about anywhere and do just about anything if I can keep that smile on your face for a little while longer. Class does start for at least a half an hour or so. I suggest we tuck away some place quiet and warm. The Greenhouses perhaps? Unless you think Professor Sprout is preparing for classes."

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Hannah fussed a bit, happily tracing Anthony's face with her cool, feminine fingers. She looked at his visage, realizing how long it had been since she had. Or at least, remembered doing it. "You're so handsome," she whispered gently, touching his lips and chin with a brush of a single fingertip.

"Umm," Hannah cleared her throat gently and nodded, "Greenhouse. I could do with a bit of warm." She commented, taking his hand in hers. "And see something pretty."
The way Hannah looked at him and the words she spoke made color rise to Anthony's cheeks. He wanted to say something in return - to comment on how beautiful she was or how wonderful she smelled, yet the words got caught in his throat. Despite growing more and more comfortable around Hannah over the last several weeks, at times he was so lacking around her.

Instead, Anthony held her hand loosely (so as not to hurt her) and led her to the Greenhouses. It was cold outside, huge drifts of snow covering the once green grounds of Hogwarts. He tightened his scarf around his neck to ward of the crisp wind that blew.

"I can't believe it's almost winter hols," he commented. "This semester has gone by so quickly." Anthony cocked his head to the side and smiled. "Do you and your father have any plans for the break?"
Hannah had almost forgot about the dull but relatively constant ache in her hands until Anthony was so gentle with them. Either way, she happily let Anthony lead her away. She felt like the farther she got from the Great Hall, under Carrow's brooding mood and the eyes of the other teachers in her alliance, the more 'normal' she was feeling.

It had been a long time.

"I know..." She answered, her legs hustling to keep up with her mate. She said it more to show a consolidated front. In her mind, this term had lasted far too long. "He's in France," Hannah replied out, "I'm spending time with my grandparents." Hannah admitted.
Anthony was a bit confused. "Your father's in France? And he won't be back in time for..." But as he spoke the words, a sense of dread crept on him. "Of course he will be back in time for Christmas and the New Year. You know the French. They're not workaholics like the Americans. I'm sure whatever business your father has there will be tied up before the holidays."

Anthony spoke the words as if wishing them into existence. He pulled her a bit closer to him as they walked through the snow, finally arriving at the side entrance of one of the Greenhouses.
"My father... ran." Hannah admitted at the door, her green eyes looking into Anthony's warm brown eyes. "He lost his job and he was being observed by the Magic is Might people. They were going to throw him in Azkaban and break his wand." Hannah's lips looked like they might tremble, but she stiffened them, "So he ran and I'm glad he did. That means they can't hurt him anymore."

Hannah released a slow but uneven breath in defiance at the nameless, faceless authority of the Ministry she had spoken of.
Anthony studied her face, but couldn't unravel the stiches that was holding Hannah's story together. "I suppose I can see why he left. The Ministry actions have been oppressive to say the least, but..."

As he spoke a gust of wind breezed by, brushing a layer of snowflakes off the roof of the greenhouse. They fluttered down, dusting Hannah's hair. Anthony watched her for a moment before finally completing his thought. "But why didn't you go with him, Hannah? He's your father."
The snowflakes made Hannah's hair glisten a bit, giving her hair a brightness in the morning light. At Anthony's question, Hannah's green, foresty eyes filled with liquid. She fussed with his collar, trying to fastidiously straight it and its tie. "I stayed for you..." She squeaked with emotion, her lips trembling a little. "... And Ernie and Meg..."

She sniffled and gradually got control of her emotions let again, petting the fronts of his shoulders to remove the few flakes that had l;anded on him.
"Oh, Hannah." Anthony's voice was soft, yet he shook his head in disbelief. "You could be safe right now. Why would you stay here and let them toture you like this, just for us?"

He didn't know what to say, but instead reached down to pick up one of her hands and nestled it in both of his. Slowly, his fingertips searched her wrist, looking for the clasp that held her bandages together. It took a moment - but he found it - and when he loosened it, the fabric began to unravel. It criss crossed until it revealed the flesh beneath, the red welts against her pale skin.

Anthony studied it for a moment, like an Ancient Rune, before lifting the hand to his face and pressing his lips like a whisper against her wrist - careful to avoid any scar.
Hannah was soft and squeaked a bit again, "Not with you in danger. You and Ern and Meg at least. My closest mates. I don't want to be safe if you're not too."

Hannah breathed erratically out, watching with her soft eyes as Anthony undid her bandage. As it fell away with the herbs within, Hannah wanted to turn away and not look at her welted hand. When his lips came to her wrist, Hannah moved though somewhat stiffly and with some pain, to finger against Anthony's cheek and temple.

Her free hand moved and touched Anthony in the hair as best she could with her bandages.
Instinctively, Anthony wanted to argue with her. To tell her it made no sense to stay if she had a way out. It was logic - pure and simple. But he couldn't say that, because he wanted her there...with him.

Anthony lifted his lips from her wrist and looked up at her through his unruly curls. It was times like these that he realized he was rubbish at saying what was really on his mind. There was just some things that couldn't be put into words. He'd have to find a way to show her instead.

Sliding his arm around her waist, Anthony lead Hannah into the greenhouses, where it was warm and full of life - a sharp contrast to the world outside.
Warmth came over Hannah, and only in part because she was no surrounded by the heavy heat of a greenhouse. Led inside by Anthony's wrapping arms, Hannah kissed the side of the Ravenclaw's mouth with a gentle, simple gesture that said so much.

She found herself against the warm stone wall, her mossy eyes a match with the surrounding foliage. Her own arms snaked around Anthony's neck loosely, her bandage freed hand touching stiffly but attentively in the back of his hair. Hannah knew how much Anthony liked fingers through his hair, and she offered it freely.
Running fingers through Anthony's hair bore a strange parallel to an owner scratching behind the ear of a dog - without the tail wagging. It awakened all his senses and sent strange prickles down his neck. But he resisted. "If it hurts," he contested, not wanting to cause her pain in exchange for his pleasure.

"I want to do something for you," Anthony whispered, placing one hand on her hip while he pressed the other against the wall behind her. His thumb traced along a hint of skin beneath the fabric of her shirt.
Hannah leaned back against the wall, her eyes deeply entrenched in Anthony's. "It doesn't hurt enough to stop," Hannah smiled and subtly shook her head. "And anyhow I like it..." She smiled then. With a deep breath, her pert bosom rose, pressing against Anthony's chest. She held it, subconsciously rolling her shoulder back some to keep the contact between them.

With Anthony's words, Hannah didn't want to ruin it with a banal verbal response. She just looked at him, her eyes giving permission. She wasn't sure what he wanted to do, but she trusted him.

She touched his face instead, to encourage him.
Hannah's permission would be all well and good if Anthony had the faintest idea where he was going with his intentions. In the end, he just gave into kissing her, in hopes that his mind would clear and his body would know how best to respond.

His lips pressed against hers, softly at first, before opening slightly to deepen the kiss. He leaned his body into hers, his free hand trailing down the thick fabric of her uniform skirt. Eventually his fingertips found the hem, just below the knee, and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger. Without realizing it, he started making small circular patterns on the skin of her knee, almost mimicking the movements of his tongue.
Eagerly, Hannah kissed him back, as if trying to drain Anthony of the fog in his mind and clarify his thoughts. She tasted his lips at first, then deeper she dug. She applied chaste tongue to his inner lips and then to his own tongue, her head tilting to the side.

Breaking the kiss for a moment, she rested her forehead to his, working her nose in a nuzzle against his more ample shaped equivalent. Raggedly a breath escaped her, anticipating and feeling Anthony's finger that was moving like a tongue. Her hand slipped down and she tried to touch Anthony's hip- to cup it. Ultimately she had to move her un-bandaged hand down and she fingers just below Anthony's navel.
Hearing her shorted breath gave Anthony a hint of confidence. His attention was splintered between the nuzzling of their noses and the curiosity of Hannah's fingers near his navel, but his left hand remained independant. At first, it stopped it circular pattern and rested itself fully just above her knee.

Her skin, initially cold from the outside air, was warming significantly beneath his touch. Leaning in to kiss her again, his fingers again grew adventurous, snaking their way ever so slightly up her inner thigh. An inch or two in, though, he hesitated.
"Its okay," she uttered with baited breath, her green eyes flashing and then growing sultry all over again. To encourage him perhaps- more maybe just make him feel good- Hannah's soft hand, so mutilated by Carrow, moved and touched against Anthony's pubic bone- not fondling him, but inside placing delicious pressure just above.

She released a second erratic breath and moved to kiss him upon the chin. She made a neat little ring under it, and then cutely kissed the tip of his nose.
Anthony closed his eyes then, his mind distraction by the feeling of Hannah's hand pressing against his trousers. Immediately, he was flooded with images that came to him when he was in the shower or trying to fall asleep - warm and small, hands and mouth, stroking, sucking - things he had never done or for that matter, even seen. Anthony shook his head, forcing the thoughts away, back to where they hid.

Her words encouraged him and his fingers continued to move, sliding her skirt up as he traveled. In the end, they reached the apex of her legs, whispering lightly across the fabric of her knickers. His breath escaped him and for a moment, he was quite sure that he had died.
If he had died, there was only one thing that Hannah could do to bring him back. Nuzzling his neck and kissing along his jaw, Hannah loved on him affectionately. Her lips played along his throat, near his ear and up onto his cheek. She was gently to take it up a notch, to suck on his neck and give him a healthy, glowing hickey. But Hannah- perhaps wrongly- was interested in letting Anthony keep his respectful public face.

She exhaled a ragged breath which poured against his neck, her hand shifting downward to stroke the inside of Anthony's thighs. She bit her lip and stared into his eyes with excited lucidity. All the while, she masked her longing- her subtle quiver- at Anthony's touch.
Anthony was almost suprised that Hannah didn't retreat at his touch. Surely, this was a boundary he shouldn't have crossed. But instead the kissed him more strongly, planting them like seeds along his next and jawline, each one more delicious than the last.

Having convinced himself that she was not opposed, Anthony returned again to the spot. He grasped her thigh so that the thumb on his left hand fell into the crease of her legs and nuzzled itself against the soft material. Anthony was distracted, however, by the look on her face - a hint of anticipation as she held his gaze. There was something so intense about this gesture, so connecting, he felt almost as if he'd lost his place in a book.
Hannah's mossy eyes stayed steadily and true to Anthony's soft browns. Her pert bosom heaved and dropped with barely noticeable lift, yet could be felt so easily against Anthony's chest. A faint blush came over her cheeks as Anthony approached, but it wasn't one that meant to dissuade him.

Her own fingers were soft and gentle as they slipped in circlets and figure 8's against the inside of Anthony's thigh, twice arching up over the apex of his body to tease his other side. A second trip and she skirted a single fingertip over the front of his trousers and breathed raggedly in excitement.

Finally it lifted and she reached for her tie, which she loosened just enough to go over her collar and was then flung back. Then, her green eyes dropped and looked at the first button, which she fumbled to unbutton but succeeded.
The invisible drawings Hannah traced on Anthony's thigh only added to the growing tension that fueled his arousal. If she continued to do such things, to touch him and kiss him, how would he ever be able to focus on making her happy? He thought to himself as Hannah undid his tie and began to unbutton his shirt.

Anthony stepped back momentarily to reposition himself so that his right leg was outside of her left and his left leg stood between hers. Nervously, he pulled his hand from under her skirt and reached up to cup her soft breasts that had been taunting him as the brushed against his chest. Then he returned to kiss her, not on the lips this time, but along her neck and near her ear - grazing it with his nose.