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February 2008



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Sep. 17th, 2007


A Bang and Some Crashing

Who: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred & George
What: an unexpected and somewhat bloody visit
When: BACKDATED: Wed. Oct. 29, immediately after this thread: http://community.livejournal.com/augury_rpg/219070.html
Where: Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes Again, Hogsmeade
Status: Complete

The Twins had been in Hogsmeade for only a few hours, after George insisted they needed to check inventory and work on the protections around the shop. "It's not like it's my favorite thing, either," George had said crossly. "But when you shagged Mina last week, we lost the one staffer who could actually do things around the place." They had Apparated to the street out front, then worked their way through the wards on the shop, which glowed bright purple even in the dark.

Now, Fred waved his wand and pulled out the boxes that were stashed under the counter. "Ok, looks like we have plenty of the crap like face fixers and itching powder and Muggle stuff," he said lazily. "Guess we need to really check on the stuff in the back, huh?"

The Twins had discovered a few remarkable things about the new shop. One was that it had a good storage area in back, and a small apartment upstairs, which they had only managed to get furnished with a few basics -- a couple of beds, some chairs, a hotplate and the like. However, it had a secret basement....

They were there to work on the inventory, so they didn't fuss with the basement. George had his head in the til, and Fred was heading toward the back. It seemed pretty quiet.

Sep. 12th, 2007


A Little Too Close To Home...

Who: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ailith, and a handful of other Death Eaters
What: Grimmauld Place is attacked
When: Wednesday, 29 October 1997, immediately following this thread.
Where: Grimmauld Place
Status: Incomplete

Ron had bounded up the stairs, taking them two at a time as he normally did when he was in a hurry, and swung around the corner towards his room. He chuckled out loud, remembering Hermione's parting shot and thinking up ways he could retort when he got back downstairs. His mind was so occupied with this task, in fact, that he didn't notice the flickerings of light outside his bedroom window at first.

He muttered softly to himself as he rummaged around in the drawers of his nightstand for the odd gadget Dumbledore had left him. The Deluminator, he had called it. The silver cigarette lighter that didn't produce a flame when you clicked it, but rather sucked all the light from a room until you clicked it again. He still had no idea why Dumbledore would have left him such a strange thing, or what he imagined he'd do with it, but Hermione wanted to look it over, so he was more than happy to oblige. Hermione, after all, had been known to come up with the solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems in the oddest ways...

He smiled as he dug out the Deluminator from under a few crumpled sheets of paper. Jamming the drawer shut again and pocketing the gadget, he turned towards the door -

And froze as he happened to glance out the window.

There, outside in the street, moving out of the shadows and trying to remain stealthy but failing miserably at it, were several figures. Figures in concealing black cloaks, all with concealing hoods and bone-white masks.

Oh no.

He dashed out the door, nearly broke his neck running down the stairs at full tilt, and whispered frantically, "We need to run. Now!"

Sep. 11th, 2007



a little of this, a little of that

Who: Harry, Ron and Hermione
What: A snitch, a lighter and a book
Where: Grimmauld Place
When: early evening, Wednesday, 29 October 1997
Status: Complete

Two days of studying the snitch, and tossing it from hand to hand, and throwing it in the air to see if it would fly (it didn't) and Harry was still no closer to figuring out why Dumbledore had willed it to him.

As a reminder of the rewards of perseverance and skill.

Well, he seriously doubted that was the only reason. But still, nothing else was presenting itself.

He sat back on the sofa, held the snitch close to his ear and shook it for the umpteenth time.

Still nothing.

Sep. 6th, 2007

I feel your pain :|


October 29: Owl to Harry Potter

Owl to Harry PotterCollapse )

Sep. 3rd, 2007



(no subject)

Who: Hestia Jones, Harry Potter 
What: Sending an supportive owl
When: Tuesday October 28, 1997
Where: Respective Places
Status: Incomplete

Sep. 2nd, 2007


All I Know Is What I Read In the Papers.

Who: The Trio
What: The Trio read the Prophet. Indignation ensues.
When: Morning, 28 October 1997
Where: Grimmauld Place
Status Incomplete

Ron's morning had been progressing just fine, thank you very much. He'd had a good night's sleep, woken up less groggy than normal, and decided that the thing he needed was a nice tall glass of milk while he read the morning Prophet. And, he imagined, once those were finished, there'd be some sort of breakfast coming up. So he'd gone downstairs to find Harry and Hermione sitting at the table, apparently having had the same breakfast inspirations as he'd had. He'd said his good mornings, grabbed the paper from the windowsill, poured himself a glass of milk, and plunked down in a chair to get started. And as he took a big mouthful of milk and unrolled the paper, he was already imagining the flavor of the nice crispy waffle he hoped to indulge in.

However, his train of thought derailed rather abruptly as he scanned the headline. Not to mention he'd choked on his mouthful of milk and wound up blowing a good portion of it out his nose.

Oh, this is such a steaming heap of Hippogriff dung...

He was furious. How dared they! Harry, a murderer? Snape, Snape cleared of all charges! He'd bloody well murdered Dumbledore in cold blood!

He turned to Harry, wiping the milk off his face and replacing it with a look of hot fury. "Look at this -" he used a word his mother would have slapped him soundly for uttering, had she heard. "They've gone too far this time." He all but slammed the paper down in front of Harry.


(no subject)

Who: Ginny Weasley & Harry Potter
What: Ginny owls Harry
When: After breakfast,  Tuesday October 28th.
Where: Respective places
Status: Incomplete

After reading the Prophet, Ginny calmly set the newspaper down by her porridge, and neatly casted an incendio on the paper.  Sufficient that she had shown her feelings on the lead story, she got up from the Gryffindor table and left, heading for her dormitory.

She immediately grabbed a quill, ink and some parchment and began composing a letter.

Sep. 1st, 2007



Owl to Harry Potter

Aug. 30th, 2007

I feel your pain :|


October 28: morning owl to Harry Potter

Owl to Harry Potter, hexed to burn up if anyone but Harry opens it, and sent by random Hogwarts owlCollapse )

Aug. 29th, 2007


The Reading of the Will

Who: The Trio
What: The Trio look over their strange gifts, and discover Dumbledore's final words to them...
When: Monday, 27 October 1997 - midday
Where: Grimmauld Place
Status: Incomplete

Ron had been in a horribly foul mood since Percy had left the previous day. He couldn't remember feeling so angry at any other time in his whole life, and certainly not staying so consistently angry for such a long time. He'd gone to bed in a vile mood and woken up that morning with the urge to put his fist through the wall. The only emotion that broke through the solid wall of anger was the fear that Percy was actually stupid enough to stay at the Ministry and make himself a nice big target for whatever was coming next. And the feelings had stayed with him through lunchtime, after which he'd gone back up to his room.

He sighed irritably, swinging a hard fist into his pillow with a satisfying THUMP. Such a satisfying one, in fact, that it caused the shelves above his bed to vibrate, which in turn caused a small, heavy object to topple onto Ron's head.

"Ow!" He reached up and rubbed the sore spot, then looked down at the offending object, which had fallen onto the sheet next to him. It was the large silver cigarette lighter that had been in the package Percy had brought them. His part of Dumbledore's last gift to them.

Turning it over in his hands, he wondered what was so special about it. It certainly didn't seem to have any relevant meaning - Ron didn't even smoke. Come to think of it, neither had Dumbledore.

That thought set him wondering: What did Harry's and Hermione's gifts mean? And how were they supposed to find out?

His anger momentarily replaced by curiosity, he pocketed the lighter and went looking for the two of them.

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