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Daily Prophet

The Daily Prophet, 15 December 1997

The Daily Prophet
Monday, 15 December 1997

Hogwarts Purification Continues

Following the expulsion of all Mudbloods from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Magic is Might campaign continues at a steady pace.

"It's a wonderful victory for the Ministry and for all of Britain to finally be able to remove such a dangerous element from our school and from our precious children," Minister for Magic Pius Thicknesse said on the wireless earlier this week. "But we won't stop until Hogwarts has been completely cleansed of its more vile elements."

The Magic is Might campaign continues at Hogwarts with the second phase of its Wizarding Family Background Check Initiative. All Half-blood students will be thoroughly accessed by Ministry officials and final results will be registered at the end of the week.

"Wizarding Britain is finally returning to its pure wizarding elements," Minister Thicknesse said in his address to the nation. "And I know this move will allow many families to sleep more safely at night."

Weather Report
Thick blankets of snow everywhere! Expect more snowfall later today!

There's a whole lot of walking to do

Who? Edric Nott and Rudolph Atkins
What? Oh, it's been too long.
When? Monday, December 15th
Where? Edric's current resting place
Status: Complete

Few events in Edric's life had gone by without a note to his friend Rudolph.
On the morning of his 30th birthday, Edric watched the sun rise. The colours were dulled by the hazy deep winter air, but they glittered off the snow, blinding him. The first thing he did upon returning to the warmth of his room was write a letter:
I am no longer a target market, a fresh young face, the symbol of youth and strength and hope. But I am happier now than I was then, and the world seems such a great and limitless place.


When Edric first discovered that Laura was pregnant (she had known for weeks but had never told him because she also knew that the moment of his discovery would be far more precious), he had stood at the door of the drawing room, head resting on the door frame, watching her read. She maintained her composure for almost two minutes, but couldn't hold in her giggles for any longer and told him that it was impossible to concentrate with him looking at her like that. He had smiled and sat at her feet and said, "Is it a boy or a girl?" and she had shrieked with delight and slid to the floor with him, dropping the book and wrapping all of her limbs around him. Later, as they lay by the fire, the fur of a wolf skin tickling Edric's stomach and Laura's fingers tickling his back, he wrote again:
In the fall I will have a son. I thought I had known happiness, but I was naive.


In June of 1996, the letters stopped. They did not continue a year later, when Edric sat silently in his own, staring at nothing and thinking of everything. They did not continue until the evening of December 15th, after a long day of Christmas shopping. In a fainting room, hidden away behind his grandmother’s great bedroom, Edric sat in a grand armchair—if one could call it sitting. He had sunk so low in it that his elbows were level with his chest, which his ferret sat upon. In one hand he held a cigarette, in the other his wand with a bright green feather protruding from the end for the ferret to bat and nip at. Between his feet, propped up on an ottoman, sat Ewling, with whom he chatted idly until asking for him to fetch some parchment and take down a letter.
Do you remember that summer when we were hunting for crabs on our brooms and we were flying so low to the sand and you broke your toe?