February 9th, 2008

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Who: Agatha Bole, evil Ministry peeps
What: A sneak interrogation
Where: Ministry of Magic
When: Monday, 15 December - first thing in the morning
Status: Incomplete

As Aggie made her way into the crowded lift, she glared down one Ministry clerk who looked like he was about to take advantage of the close quarters to cop a feel. Not only was that absolutely rude, but she simply wasn't in the mood to even kick the bloke's arse.

She was at her wit's end, unable to identify the perpetrators in the photographs Eddie had taken a month back. She knew the younger was must be a student, but the Aurors were being consistently denied access to Hogwarts records. What she had discovered, after a visit to the Hog's Head, were the identities of the victims. Two men of ill repute, one who was known for having a taste for barely legal boys and taking them against their will, and the other a suspected pedophile. Nobody missed them, really. Her suspicions had strayed from Eddie's original assessment of it being a case of a Death Eater attack, and she now thought it to simply be a case of vigilantiism. For all she knew, they could be members of the mysterious Order of the Phoenix deciding to take the law into their own hands once more. There was no evidence one way or the other, and thus she had to wait and see what evidence might cross her path.

Her mind on the frustrating case, she stepped out when the lift doors opened, not quite looking where she was going.