February 18th, 2008


Right In The Thick Of It... part II (BACKDATED)

Who: The Trio (no longer in disguise)
What: Going beyond the veil
When: Monday, 15 December 1997 (backdated)
Where: The Ministry of Magic (immediately after this thread )
Status: incomplete

The veil fluttered ominously in the center of the room.


That was stupid. The veil didn't do anything ominously. It just hung there, looking for all the world like a shoddy, torn curtain that someone should have tossed in the rubbish bin a long time ago.

Still, a nauseous, sick feeling twisted around in Harry's stomach. He made his way down the stairway, each footstep punctuated with an image: Sirius. Sirius falling through the veil. Lupin grabbing Harry, pulling him away. Bellatrix and her stupid, hideous, mocking laughter.

No! No time for that. He pushed the images aside, tried to focus.