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augury_harry in augury_rpg

cold november rain

Who: Harry, Ron, Hermione
What: What to do when you're homeless
When: early morning, 1 November 1997
Where: somewhere in the woods of northern Scotland
Status: incomplete

Harry woke to the steady sound of rain pattering against the tent. He rolled onto his back, stared at the candy-striped ceiling, and wished he was back at Fred and George's, where a toilet was conveniently down the hall from the bedroom.

Nothing for it then.

He swung his feet over the side of the bunk and jumped down. Ron was asleep in the bottom bed, his snores cutting into the otherwise silent tent. Harry glanced over at the other side of the room where, judging by the mass of bushy hair spread across the pillow, Hermione was still sleeping.

Harry grabbed his glasses, threw a jacket on over his pyjamas, stepped into his shoes and then left the tent. He'd only be gone a moment.


Hermione stirred at the closure of the tent flap, her eyelids fluttering, and she let out a sort of grunt of displeasure at being bothered before it registered that Harry wasn't there.

She was up like a shot.

"Harry?!" she called, purposefully, tugging on her shoes as she staggered sleepily outside. "Ron, Harry's gone! Harry, whe--"

Then she saw where he was going, and flushed. "Oh. I'll. Be back inside."
Harry let out a startled yelp and was instantly thankful that his back was to the tent, that he was some distance away, and that he didn't have to look Hermione in the face.

"Er..." But Hermione had already disappeared back inside the tent before he had to offer any sort of... well, explanation.

Harry quickly finished up his business and ducked back into the tent.

"Well, uh... good morning then."
Hermione was still staring at the tent flap-- and now at Harry-- as if she'd seen someone rob Gringott's.

"I'm SO SORRY!" she exclaimed. "I-- I thought something must have happened to you! I woke up, and you weren't here, and--"

She slumped back onto her bunk. "Good morning."
Ron's eyes slid open gradually, as Harry re-entered the tent and Hermione blurted out a loud apology. He rose groggily.

"Wha' happen?" His voice was thick with sleep. "Where'd you go, mate?"
Hermione hid her face in her hands. "Don't you boys have some sort of charming testosterone-laden phrase for it? Like 'draining the dragon?'"
Ron wasn't quite sure he'd heard her correctly. But once his mind registered that she had, in fact, said 'draining the dragon', he burst out laughing.

"'Draining the dragon'?" He guffawed, shook his head. "Sorry to disappoint you, Hermione, but I generally just tell it like it is. No need to make up clever phrases."

To his credit, he kept a straight face as he stood up and said, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bleed the Bubotuber."
Harry watched Ron leave, cleared his throat awkwardly. "So now Ron's off doing that..."

He cast about for a topic change, something suitable, something that didn't sound like he desperately wanted to change the subject.

"It's raining," he offered lamely. "Kinda cold out."
Hermione, meanwhile, was laughing helplessly. "Yes," she said, as she tried to put on a straight face. "Very cold. Do you have any idea what you think we ought to do today? Apart from marking our territory the old-fashioned way?"
Harry slumped down onto Ron's bed. And there they were, right back on the topic of dragons and Bubotubers.

"Well," he started, and this time, he did have a subject change in mind, "there's a few things we could work on. We still have to figure out why Dumbledore gave us what he did." The Snitch was tucked under his pillow. "We have to figure out where Gryffindor's sword is, since he did leave it to me, and clearly he wanted me to do something with it."

Clearly. Sure.

"And then there's the other Horcruxes."

The list suddenly seemed very long.
"Well," Hermione said thoughtfully. "It's occurred to me that maybe he left us these things because he thought they would help with the horcruxes?"
Having finished up outside, he stepped back inside the tent, pulling the flap closed behind him. He sat down heavily on the bed, facing Harry and Hermione.

"What about the Horcruxes?" He hated walking into the middle of an important conversation and not knowing what had been said. "Are we planning to go someplace in particular today?"
"Do we have a plan?" Harry looked at Hermione, then back at Ron. "I was just saying we still have to figure out what to do with the stuff Dumbledore gave us and we also have to find Gryffindor's sword. And there's the whole business with the horcruxes, which is why we're here to begin with."

That, and the fact that Harry was wanted by the Ministry now. He scowled at the thought of it.

"So we have a big list to work on and any number of ways to start."

He guessed.
"So let's start where we were back in Grimmauld place before we got so...rudely interrupted," Hermione suggested, rummaging in her things for the book. "Ron, have you got the deluminator? Harry, the snitch?"
Ron sighed heavily. "Well, the sword's at Hogwarts. Least it ought to be. Couldn't we go there first, pick it up, and then figure out where to go to find the next Horcrux?"

His brow furrowed. "On that note, what do we even look for this time? I mean, last time, we went after Dee and the Stone he supposedly had, but what now?" He looked at both of them in turn. "Where do we even start looking?"