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augury_harry in augury_rpg

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Who: Harry, Ron
What: There's got to be more to food than burnt fish and twigs
When: mid-afternoon, 12 November 1997
Where: Swainsbury's in Fraser, Scotland
Status: incomplete

Well, it had to be done eventually. They needed to eat and Harry had the idea that if Ron wasn't subjected to real food, real soon, he was liable to snap. And... while Harry wouldn't admit it to Hermione, there was really only so much more burnt, crispy little fish and bitter mushrooms he could take.

One day, they were bound to feast on a hallucinogenic mushroom and it could only go downhill from there. In the meantime, there were ways to stave on that eventuality.

With that in mind, Harry spent the better part of the morning consulting a map of Scotland. Fraser seemed like a small enough, out of the way town, least likely to attract attention, and if they stuck exclusively to Muggle areas, there was bound to be a Tesco or Swainsbury's, just filled with aisles and aisles of real, edible, palatable food.

His stomach rumbled at the thought of it.

By mid-afternoon (and under cover of Invisibility Cloak), Harry and Ron had Apparated into a half-filled car park next to what appeared to be an office building.

Harry glanced around the car park. They seemed to be safely hidden behind a plethora of SUVs and mini-vans, so he pulled the cloak off and stuffed it into the pocket of his hooded jumper.

"Okay, Ron. If this is any sort of Muggle town, there'll be a Swainsbury's around here somewhere."


When Harry had suggested a food-purchasing expedition, Ron had responded with what he felt were the last bits of strength remaining to him. Honestly, the excuses for food they'd been getting recently were nothing short of pathetic. How could anyone be expected to live on that for long? Really, it took more energy to chew it up (there had been quite a bit of that involved) and swallow it (then continue to do so, lest it come back up) than there was to be had in consuming it.

And so here they were, hiding behind rows and rows of Muggle vehicles and looking for a Swainsbury's, which, according to Harry, was a grocery shop. And their expedition couldn't have come at a better time - Ron's stomach was growling angrily, protesting its lot in life.

"So what do we have the money to buy?" Ron wanted at least the thought of food to stave off his stomach's lack thereof, as they headed cautiously down the aisles of cars towards the row of shops in the distance. "Rather, what have we got the money to buy and the ability to cook?"
"Well, Hermione had Muggle money on her." Harry found he was peering through car windows, watching the street beyond. Likely there weren't any dark wizards around, but no reason not to check.

Of course, dark wizards didn't walk around with signs over their heads, loudly proclaiming their allegiance in bright neon, but Harry still felt better giving things a look.

"So we can buy quite a bit, but we should probably try to ration the money. And we can buy canned things that'll keep for a while."

A juicy hamburger sounded so good right then...

"Maybe we should treat ourselves and buy something fresh for tonight."
Visions of roast chicken and tenderly stewed mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers swam through Ron's mind, setting his mouth to watering. "Yeah... think we can cook a chicken over the campfire?"

I must look like a little kid on Christmas morning.

"Mind you, I've not got the first idea how to cook things." He shoved his hands in his pockets. "I suppose it might have come in handy to learn, but Mum always did it all with magic, and it was all really complicated stuff." His stomach rumbled angrily again. "Though I'd imagine Hermione can do a little bit, don't you?"

The car park came to an end in front of a row of brick-fronted shops. Ron glanced up at the signs eagerly. "All right, mate, what's the name of the one we want?"
"Hermione can make twigs somewhat edible," Harry pointed out. "I think she can handle a chicken if we get the right pans and, I don't know, herbs and things."

Oh, man, his stomach was really rumbling now. Too much talk of food. They'd have to be careful not to spend every last quid.

Harry looked over the shops. "There it is." He pointed to the largest shop at the end of the street, its name proudly splashed on a sign of brilliant neon. Rows of trolleys lined neatly up near the doors and Harry swore he could smell baked goods fresh from the ovens.
Ron barely restrained himself from breaking out into a run, instead contenting himself with imagining the wonderful variety of foods that would be available inside those doors, just a few yards away. He chuckled. "Too bad they won't have any of Mrs. Flagel's Inflatable Bagels. All you need is a bicycle pump and there's breakfast for my whole family."

He hurried towards the double doors. "'Course, you need about a bucketful of cream cheese, but that's - hey!" He gave a start as the door swung sharply away as he reached out to push it open. He looked over at Harry incredulously. "How'd it know we were coming?"
Harry wrenched a trolley for the queue, turned in time to see Ron exclaim over the wonders of automated doors.

"They just... do that, mate." He pushed the trolley past the door, stepping inside the haven that was Swainsbury's. "Try to contain your excitement though. As far as everyone knows, you do this all the time."

Swainsbury's spread out before him like some sort of food mecca. Fresh vegetables and fruits beckoned from their stands, an endless array of bananas and tomatoes and apples and broccoli. Even the broccoli looked good.

His mouth was watering.
Ron tried very hard not to comment on what he thought was a rather ingenious idea by the Muggles. Honestly, who wouldn't want a door that opened itself? Especially when your arms were full of packages or your school trunks or what-have-you. But that thought left his head near-instantly as he followed Harry down the produce aisle. He ached to pick up a fat, ripe orange and devour it, or even start munching a raw carrot. But he had no idea what the money they were carrying was worth.

"All right, so what should we get first?" He looked up the main aisle, reading the signs that indicated what was displayed where. He didn't know what some of the names were, but he figured Harry would. "We ought to get some carrots and potatoes. They last for a bit, and there's plenty we can do with them. Right?"
"Right," Harry said automatically, not completely sure if there really was plenty that could be done with carrots and potatoes. It sounded reasonable enough though, so he bagged up a few of each and tossed them in the trolley.

After a moment's hesitation, he added some apples and bananas to the pile. And a ripe tomato. Surely there was something Hermione could do with one ripe tomato.

"Okay, we'll need staples." He frowned, trying to decide what would pass as staples when they had limited cooking equipment to begin with. "No salt or flour or anything. Maybe... cereal?"
Ron's eyes brightened. "Yeah, cereal. We can eat that for breakfast, and it'll be good for snacking on when we don't have time to stop to cook." His brow furrowed. "Now you mention it, we might want stuff we can eat quickly, on the move, you know?"

Maybe we should have made a list. We need an awful lot.

Ah well. "So I'll just go have a look at the cereal." He swiveled around, looking up and down the aisles. "Where do they keep it...?"