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augury_gold in augury_rpg

Who: Anthony Goldstein and Sturgis Podmore
What: Afternoon meeting
Where: Muggle Studies Classroom
When: After class
Status: Complete

Thank Merlin It's Friday, Anthony thought to himself as his last class of the day had finished. He was looking forward to two hold days of personal time to catch up on his classroom assignments and to do a little research in the library. But in the back of his mind, he knew he'd have to check the Rounds Schedule again - he was faily sure he had a set to do this weekend as well. Swinging his backpack over his shoulder, Anthony made his way down the hallway toward the Muggle Studies classroom where he and Theodore tending to have their afternoon meeting with Professor Podmore.

Entering the classroom, Anthony found it empty, but he made himself comfortable at one of the desks. He knew full well that Professor Podmore would most likely be returning from his office at any moment. Dropping his bookbag to the ground, Anthony removed a copy of this morning's Prophet and began to reread the front page article.


"Mister Goldstein," Sturgis greeted as he entered the room to see the boy predictably seated near the front of the classroom. "Punctual as ever, I see. I'm glad, though, as I have something to discuss with you."

He laid a large pile of paperwork - essays that needed to be graded - onto his desk before turning back to his fellow Ravenclaw. "The debates in the senior class have been pleasing to watch, however, the younger years have been proving more... resilient to the new subject matter. Some 'bear it' in silence, which is disappointing but acceptable, but others have become quite... disruptive."

He folded his arms over his chest as he looked down at Goldstein. "I fear it may soon become necessary to implement strong discipline with them, and I will be expecting you and Mister Nott to assist with this. Will there be any problems with that on your part?"
"I see," replied Anthony, absorbing the information the professor was providing him. "I was unaware the younger students were being so disagreeable. I can assure you I have no problem doling out punishment where required. As a prefect, I have become accustomed to giving detentions and taking away House Points." He nodded confidently. While he didn't always like to do things like this, preferring instead to mediate, but at times it was necessary.
"I'm afraid detentions and house points are no longer adequate deterrents," he replied with a tilt of his head. "Times have changed, and the old methods of punishment are no longer as effective as they once were, if they ever were."

His eyes examined Goldstein, as if trying to search his very soul to see if he was up for the task Sturgis was suggesting. "Sometimes, more force is required for the desired results. Am I being understood?"
Anthony tensed slightly when Podmore suggested that the typical means of discipline used at Hogwarts were insufficient and hinted at perhaps more stringent measures. But he face remained calm and blank.

"Exactly what sort of punishments do you have in mind, sir?" He asked, praying not to reveal any emotion as he spoke.
Sturgis resisted the urge to laugh at the boy. Either he was far less intelligent and observant than Sturgis had given him credit for, or he was playing it safe because he was afraid of the answer.

"I had something more... corporeal in mind. Though, if you have any suggestions, I would be more than happy to hear them."
"Well, sir, if you think physical punishment is necessary, then I'll do whatever is required to aid you in that regard." In his mind, however, Anthony was reeling with possibilities as to what exactly Podmore planned to do with the students.

"As for punishments, I know one of our old Defense teachers, Professor Umbridge had some unique ideas. I never experienced any myself, of course, but I'm sure they were effective methods of control."
"Now that is exactly what I like to hear from my assistants," Sturgis said with a grin. He had genuinely thought the boy to be averse to a little corporeal punishment, but was pleasantly surprised that the answer was different than he had expected.

"I have heard a little of what happened under Professor Umbridge, and her style isn't exactly my own. I do not wish anything permanent - simply something memorable." He paused, his eyes trained once again on Goldstein. "Tell me, Mister Goldstein, out of curiosity of course... have you ever cast the Cruciatus curse?"
Was he serious? An Unforgivable Curse?

Anthony prayed the shock on his face wasn't too obvious. "No, sir. I can't say that I've ever had a reason to." He was almost afraid to ask the next question. "Is this the sort of recourse you are hoping to use on the students?"

Is that even legal? It can't be.
Ah, so there it was - shock at the mention of that particular curse. Sturgis knew then and there that the boy would be incapable of assisting with this particular line of thought... he would simply have to find other uses for him. At the very least, if he did prove to be other than Sturgis believed him to be, and word of this particular form of punishment spread, then it could act as the perfect deterrent.

A win-win situation overall.

"Of course not," he reassured, lying through his teeth. "However, I needed to know if it was something you had experience with in order to know if it was something I need worry about from you. Have no fear, we will be quite... inventive with our punishments - something memorable, with no permanent marks."

Or else the parents might get wind of it too early.
"I could do some research for you, sir. Dig up some unconvential forms of discipline...if you'd like me to."

Anthony glanced at the pile of papers before him and began to sort through them, determining which to review first. After a moment, he looked up at the Professor again. "Sir, if you don't mind me asking, what are your thoughts on the use of the Cruciatus Curse? Professor Carrow mentioned its importance in class the other day. I was wondering if you thought it was an effective method of control. I was thinking that it might be useful in the current prison system, but then I was reminded that prisoners were rarely unruley - what with the all Dementors."
"That would be helpful - I'll look forward to seeing what you can come up with."

He paused a moment as the boy asked him about Crucio, and he couldn't help but remember the most memorable instance of his own experience with that particular spell - when he had been tortured by the Dark Lord himself. "It may surprise you, Mister Goldstein, but I have been subjected to that particular curse before. Trust me - when you have felt Crucio for the first time, you never want to experience it again - unless you have nothing left to live for, that is. As a deterrent, it would be unmatched."
Anthony wasn't even sure how to respond to that statement and immediately wondered who was the person who performed the Unforgivable on the professor.

"I suppose then, Crucio has its uses. However, I've always been much more interested in the Imperius Curse. It's fascinating the idea of controlling another's persons behavior," Anthony noted.
His hands tightened into fists, and it looked as if a dark cloud had fallen over Sturgis' features. His gaze turned heavy and his teeth ground against each other before he finally spoke.

"Understand this, Mister Goldstein - of the three Unforgivables, there is one that is worse than the rest. If you kill a person, you set their soul free and bring them peace from the hell of the world around them. If you commit Crucio, it will eventually end, and the person can choose what not to to to earn such a fate again. But Imperio... you rob a man of his self-determination, of his right to choose his own path, and of his credibility, because so many have wrongly used the Imperius as an excuse for their actions that those who were genuinely cursed are ignored."

He picked up a pile of papers and stalked over to the boy's desk, then slammed them upon the top of it. "Never speak to me of Imperio again. Instead, do your research - you're a Ravenclaw after all. There is a long history of cases of people who have been wrongly imprisoned because their pleas of being under the Imperius Curse went unheard. Now, these papers need marking - I'll be up front if you have any questions."

And without another word, Sturgis turned around and headed back to the front desk, intent on using the classwork to get his mind off of the memories Goldstein had unknowingly brought back to the fore.
Anthony realized that he had said too much and immediately quieted his questions. He watched Professor Sturgis take his place at the desk in the front of the room as Anthony returned his focus to grading the assignments stacked before him.

But he was distracted. Anthony knew that have to share this newest development with someone...