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augury_alecto in augury_rpg

Who: Alecto Carrow and Sturgis Podmore
What: A meeting of minds
Where: Podmore's Office
When: Saturday morning, November 15, 1997
Status: Incomplete

Since Alecto was hardly the sort of person who gets invited to places or activities, she had developed over the years the habit of just showing up on people's doorsteps. She had grown bored and restless with herself in these last few weeks, doing little outside of classes besides writing letters to her dear Amycus and drinking firewhiskey in her chambers. And for Alecto, idle hands was truly the kiss of death. So on Saturday morning, she sought out the only person at the school she even remotely trusted - to inquire about a few questions that had popped up in her mind. Her head appeared in the doorway to Podmore's office, her wild hair slipping out of its usual bun, her eyes glinting as they searched the room for his presence.


Sturgis doubted any students would be by on a Saturday, yet he showed up as usual for when he was scheduled to have his door open. To while away the time, he had in his hands one of his favourite novels by a Canadian wizard, about a man, a ferret, and a descent into madness...

But he paused in his reading as he felt another presence in the room. He looked up and saw a familiar head of wild hair sticking through the doorway, and he moved to place a marker in the book.

"Good morning, 'Professor Carrow'," he greeted with a smirk. "What can I do for you?"
"Oh, Sturgis, you make me laugh with that silly title." Alecto smiled with a toothy grin, hints of decay clearly visible. "But you are right about it being a good mornin'. A day without the burden of lecturin' to those lil' ferrets is a real plus. Mind if I come in and sit a spell?" She asked, already taken a few steps inside the office.
"I don't mind at all," he said settling his book on the desk. "Particularly not if you come bearing alcohol - though if not, I might have a bottle back here myself to indulge in."

He motioned to a seat on the other side of the desk. "Please, sit. To what do I owe this visit?"
Alecto quickly took a seat, the swish of her heavy skirts revealing a rather ragged pair of boots underneath. "I don't have any with me, but if you're ever of interest, I've a whole bottle of whiskey up in my room. Not terribly good, I'm afraid, but it gets the job done - and that's what matters." She smiled again.

"I suppose I've come here with a few questions, if that's all right?" Alecto leaned forwarded a little, folding her hands on top of each other. "As you know, I'm a bit new here at Hogwarts. And there's so much to learn. I thought maybe I'd check out a few things with you...see what you thought."
Sturgis nodded and pulled out his wand, magically opening a nearby drawer and 'lifting' out a bottle and two glasses which were levitated over to the desk.

"Ask away," he offered as he poured out two glasses and handed her one of them. "I'm always available to answer questions for... a 'friend'."
Alecto smiled when she saw the alcohol, for this on many days was her only friend. "I see that you have yourself two assistants. I must say, I wish I had one of my own. Do you find the boys to be helpful?" Her eyes shone, like a child's on a dish of candy.
"They do help lighten the load, for certain," Sturgis replied with a nod. "They each have their strengths and weaknesses. I find the youngest students rather tiresome, and find they help keep them from aggravating me too much. The marking of papers and tests does get tedious - yet another area where they have been a great help. And, I fear that discipline is severely lacking, particularly with the mudbloods - I hope to enlist my assistants to help with that as well."

He took a sip of his drink. "Was there something in particular you needed assistance with? Or any students in particular you had your eye upon?"
Alecto could hardly contain herself at the mention of disciplining mudbloods. This was the real reason she had come to look for Sturgis. Alecto wanted to know if anything like that was going on - and how she could become involved.

"Oh, yes. I completely agree. The kiddies in general are dreadful, but the mudbloods..." she breathed in deeply. "I don't see why the school still lets them in. Rotten creatures. I wish I could just..." As she spoke, her hands made almost unconscious movements, pinching something invisible before her.

"So do I," Sturgis commiserated. "Every bleeding day, every time one of them opens up their mouths to argue or protest something I teach. They simply don't know when to keep their mouths shut, do they."

He sighed. "The winds are still changing, Alecto. Perhaps we should use the actions of our friends at the Ministry as our guide. Their precautions against mudbloods are only just beginning. Perhaps when they have allowed themselves to act more overtly... then so can we."

He downed the rest of his drink in one swallow, then settled the empty glass upon the desk. "Tell me, Alecto, what do you think of our friend Severus as Headmaster?"
"Don't care much either way," Alecto responded. "As long as he keeps with the plans the Ministry has created, then we'll be fine."

Alecto held the glass in her hand and took her first swallow.

"Why? You think he's no good? If he isn't that I'll be right mad they didn't put Amycus in here instead."

She looked at Sturgis. "I hope they start the new policies soon. I sure didn't take this job because I like these snot-nosed creatures. I came to teach them a lesson and not the kind they can find in these stupid books."
"Severus is still a question mark in my mind," Sturgis admited. "Remember, I've also been a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Even after Dumbledore's death, there were some that were absolutely convinced that Severus was either innocent or had committed the act for reasons beyond our compresion. They could have been completely delusional, but perhaps they knew something I didn't. Until I know for sure, I won't trust him."

Not that I trust anyone period.

"Well, I've kicked at least one of the mudbloods out of my class. He had the gall to attack me, if you'll believe it - of course I was taunting him at the time, but he responded full force. Were he of a decent sort, I might actually respect him." He paused. "But where there's one, there's more. I don't care what Severus says - if things get too 'rambunctious', I will keep peace in my classes in whatever way is necessary."

His eyes raised to meet Alecto's. "Even if it means the occasional Crucio."
"You kicked out one of the mudbloods?" Alecto was pleased to hear that. "Well, you certainly had every reason. If one of those things even dared to lay a hand on me, I'd hex them until their fingers bled. Such animals," she shook her head in disdain.

But when Sturgis' eyes met hers and breathed the word "Crucio", Alecto could hardly contain herself. "Have you used it yet? Oh please, when you do - let me play too. I would love to watch a mudblood squirm in agony. And the boys? They're going to help you?"

She squinted her eyes a bit. "You really think you can trust them? They won't go cryin' to their mums after you teach them an Unforgivable?"
"Not yet," he replied with a shake of his head. "One of the boys, Theodore, has become my protege. I would trust him with the task. Anthony, however..."

He pursed his lips. "Anthony confuses me at times. I believe he wishes to preserve our heritage, but is unwilling to go to any lengths to do so. I will continue testing him to see how far he may be willing to go, but I doubt he can be relied upon to Crucio a fellow student. At least I have Theodore to rely upon. He has already been taught the Unforgivable, and the results were quite amusing."
"You must be very happy to have a protege. I wished I had one myself. I should keep my eyes open to see if someone strikes my fancy. A girl perhaps. Someone worthy..." Alecto scanned her mind to determine if anyone had stood out in her classes, but no one popped up.

Jumping back to the original subject, she asked "So Theodore has already committed an Unforgivable? You know...you never do forget the first time." Her face lit up as if relishing a pleasant memory. "Oh, I hate to wait. I have a couple of students who I'm looking forward to punishing."

"Well, Theodore is a particularly... eager student," Sturgis replied with a lecherous look in his eyes. "Though one with baggage like any of us. And yes, his first time was very memorable, but I'm quite proud of him. He acquitted himself admirably, kept his head and didn't waver."

He chuckled. "Any students in particular? And what have they done to rile you up so? I must admit, I'm curious about what you've been able to teach them so far."
"Teach them anythin'? Merlin's beard, Sturgis. You think I can teach that lot anythin'? So far most of them sit around lookin' scared shitless. 'Specially the youngins. I went over some Unforgivables, of course. A few other important bits to know. But they keep goin' on about "Defense Against the Dark Arts". Well, I certainly don't want to teach them that. I want them to do what I tell them to do or stay the hell out of my way."

Alecto took another gulp of her drink. "I think I might just have to work on some participation. Stupid gits might learn more if they're actully using the spells."
"Maybe you gave them too much too soon," Sturgis suggested. "It's been a pretty swift transition. Perhaps start them with some of the lesser curses... and if they argue about how it's supposed to be 'Defence Against', then ask them how they can defend against something they've never seen or cast themselves? Tell them the casting will give them an understanding of the curse that will aid them in defending against it."

He snorted. "A load of hogwash, I know, but if you're convincing enough, they'll fall for just about anything."
Alecto nodded and was quiet for a moment, her mind sifting through ideas. Then her face brightened. "Sturgis, what was that name of that one Slytherin girl? The one who attacked the mudblood a week or so back?"
He paused a moment, stretching his memory to recall the incident. "I believe it was Bulstrode. Millicent Bulstrode. Why, do you think she might have potential? She's never really spoken up in my class, keeps to herself I gather, but perhaps her passions lie... elsewhere."
"Potential for what? To run the Ministry? To be head of her class? Not a chance. But does she had a bit of fire in her? Angry at the world and not afraid to act on it? She's one of those ones that are moldable. One that you just have to convince that her passions and ours are the same."

Alecto didn't want to admit that she saw some resemblance between Millicent and her younger self. During her time at Hogwarts, Alecto had been a fuse just waiting to be lit.
"Moldable is good," Sturgis said with a tilt of his head and a grin. "It couldn't hurt to talk to the girl, see where she leans with things."

His lips turned up in another smirk as he thought again on Theodore. "See if you have anything in common, and go from there."