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Michael Corner

The Flight of the Hufflepuffs

Who: Michael Corner, Ernie Macmillan, Anthony Goldstein, Megan Jones, Hannah Abbott and Open (Padma, Luna, DA?) NPC's Owen Cauldwell and Eleanor Branstone.
What: The DA ferries away yet another set of targeted students.
When: Just after Dinnertime; December 15th, 1997.
Where: Room of Requirement.
Status: Complete.

The signal was made shortly after lunchtime, and Michael noticed during one of his brief trips to the 'bathroom'. The old and entirely forgettable cauldron was turned over onto its top on its pedestal, below it the name of the person it was dedicated to- "Grimfoss the Brewer." Michael actually bothered to look up the name- he invented a new form of heat-controlling cauldron back in the 16th century, and was Head Boy. Other than that, he seemed unremarkable. But even in death, his small and forgotten monument was doing good again.

Michael only lingered as long as he had to, placing the time and location of the meet for the mystery party to recover, as the rules went.

Michael met them in an abandoned Transfigurations classroom, surprised to see Eleanor Branstone and Owen Cauldwell there- two Hufflepuffs. They had apparently been seeing quite alot of each other and had decided to escape rather than face the Continuing Committee. After a tense meeting where Owen and Eleanor neither entirely trusted Michael, having preferred a Hufflepuff, Michael managed to assuage their concerns with the point that 'Houses are meaningless now' and that the DA was a multi-House organization.

As per the rules, Michael made sure both wished for evacuation. If either backed out, they were obliviated of their meeting. They didn't- and so Michael did as he was supposed to. He transfigured them both in nice, fat little mice and placed them in his pocket. Then he flipped a coin to summon his companions, took up their wands and stashed them in a special compartment he had transfigured into his school robes.

Now, Michael found himself staring at the walls of the Room of Requirement and the strange mirror that Hannah and Anthony had shown them only a few weeks ago. And he waited, nervously checking his watch. Forty five minutes to curfew.
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