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Linus Vaisey

The Chain of Letters

Dearest Mother,

I was so proud to hear of your promotion to the associate chair position of the Committee of Magic is Might, a most auspicious promotion for our family and friends. They could not find a more just but fair person to preside over the hearings that cleanse our world from anything subversive. Have you eyes for the Wizenagamot still?

I have a special favor to ask of you. Here today, this early morning I have discovered that one Miss Hannah Abbott, a lesser of evils amongst the potential subversives has been called before you. I humbly ask, as your doting and loving son, to delay her hearing, or expulsion. She has connections to one Pureblood with whom I have a good working business repoire and I would prefer his mind remain on our dealings, not those of his companion.

My discreet inquiries show that the Abbott family is mostly broken, and it can be noted that they are now ineffectual to inviting any political change. Until my business is entirely complete, please assure that Miss Abbott remains out of any picture.

Love to father, and love from both Fionnula and Laura. Sadly I see little of Theodore these days, a situation I must remedy. He is, after all, like the brother I never had.

Your Loving Son,
L. Vaisey

To Madam Alecto Carrow:

Subject: Hannah Abbott, subversive.

You are hereby requested and required to temporarily suspend investigation of Hannah Wynne Abbott, 7th Year Hufflepuff pending re-evaluation of her case. She is hereby stricken from review for the time being. However, carefully executed observation and passive interrogation is also encouraged. Any questionable activities shall be reported as always.

Included are the names of new students who should have their progress monitored and reported.

Quirke, Orla

Yours Sincerely,
Niamh Vaisey
Associate Chair, Might is Magic.
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