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 Who: Marius Heathroppe, Charlie Weasley
What: A run in between old acquaintances
When: Monday, December 15th, 1997, in the early afternoon
Where: The Ministry of Magic
Status: Incomplete

Marius was walking around  the Ministry carrying his his research on Theodore Nott. He kept it very close to him; tucked under his left arm and patrially concealed by his robes. Although he walked very casually, so as not to look like he wasn't carrying anything of dire importance. He was walking on his way from the archives to the Aurors offices; crowds of people surrounding him, it was all he could do to not bump in to any of them. 

He thought he saw a flash of red hair in the distance. It was distracting as there were few red heads at the Ministry, and mostly everyone was wearing black which made the bright orange stand out even more. The red hair seemed to be moving in the same direction Marius was headed in, which made his destination a little easier to focus on. Just follow the red signal.
Tags: charlie weasley, marius heathroppe
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