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Linus Vaisey

WHO: Ernie and Linus
WHAT: True colors and intentions show themselves.
WHERE: Classroom, Hogwarts Castle.
WHEN: After classes. 12-16-97.
STATUS: Incomplete.

PLEASE NOTE: The first portion of this post was completed in GoogleDocs.

His wand was at the ready, sweat glistened upon his unhaired upper lip. Linus narrowed his eyes only slightly while his head turned to a tilt. "I will hex you if you don't comply." His statement was so unfettered with emotion, that it seemed a natural extension of his facade. On the inside, Linus hoped the confrontation would be over with. After all... a third year clutching the holiday sweets he had stolen from another was entirely trivial. Two pins against his chest glistened, set diagonally to one another- one goldish bronze and the other silver. One a Prefect and one the mark of the Inquisitorial Squad.

The husky boy, his pallor paled by the threat, backed down and threw the box of sweets to the hard stone floor of Hogwarts Castle. With a gesture of his wand to the side, Linus guided the offender into leaving, and leaving quickly. Only once his meaty backside was in full retreat did Linus' cold blue eyes slide to the little boy who bent over to pick up his goods. He was a Hufflepuff, and looked to Linus to barely be a first year. Linus said nothing, only jutted his chin out to indicate that the boy was free to leave. He was tempted to extract a small service fee in chocolates, but ignored the impulse.

Linus had rode high over the last month in the public eye. In private, he dutifully studied the goings on around him. He was finally able to dispense his own form of justice, however honorable yet twisted it was. But the school was curiously absent of bodies these days. Random curfews and expulsions, coupled with detentions, did that. Thus while young Vaisey rode high on his sense of power, it came with a heavy burden. Stress, angst and power all blended within him, creating a pent up soul.

Checking his watch, Linus realized he was fashionably late for his tutoring session with one Ernie Macmillan. A small sliver of him- the Inquisitorially bred arrogance- knew that he could keep Ernie waiting as long as he wanted, for Linus could call Ernie out at any time if he wished. However, far overriding anything like that was the simple and direct truth that over a month's time, Linus had grown fond of Ernie Macmillan. It was that thought that compelled Linus to move at a brisk jog through the halls to make his appointment.
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