Michael Corner (augury_corner) wrote in augury_rpg,
Michael Corner

Thats gonna leave a mark!

Who: Michael Corner and Megan Jones.
What: Michael and Megan reflect on the friendship between them over the past month.
When: Tuesday December 16th, 1997. Before dinner.
Where: The Room of Requirement.
Status: Complete

Michael almost crowed at the display, but he held it in. Instead he just smiled brightly. "Good!" Michael chirped up throatily, pleased with the girl's progress. "Remember, the Suffocation Hex has a complicated throttling motion with its grip. Its one of the most distinct and easily countered. Make sure you get the words precisely right. Ansuffoco. We'll work on Unspeaking it later." Michael tried to instruct. The source of his contentment was the progress Megan Jones had made over the last month.

Walking over, Michael slid an arm around Megan's neck and placed a kiss against her temple. "Brilliant. We'll make a soldier out of you yet," he cooed with praise. He was sweaty, clad as always in his workout clothes but he hugged her just the same.
Tags: megan jones, michael corner
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