Anthony David Goldstein (augury_gold) wrote in augury_rpg,
Anthony David Goldstein

Who: Anthony, Michael and Hannah
What: Things didn't go exactly as planned
Where: Great Hall
When: Breakfast, December 16, 1997
Status: Incomplete

The first thing Anthony thought about when he read the news this morning was his sister Sarah. Just when things were getting better at home since Rachel had been released from her three week sentence at the local detaining center, now this happened. His older sister Sarah, who was planning on marrying her Muggleborn fiance Eli in April, would be devestated to learn that marriage would not be legal. But then again, at this point, Sarah was probably more worried that Eli would be arrested - or worse - that she might not be that concerned about their ruined nuptials. Just the same, Anthony had every intention of writing home today, to check in with everyone.

Closing the paper and pushing it aside, Anthony dipped a knife into a jar of butter and spread it onto a piece of warm cinnamon toast.  He took a bite, just as his best mate Michael took a seat down beside him.
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