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augury_megan in augury_rpg

Who: Megan Jones and Linus Vaisey  
What: The Second Test
Where: Great Hall
When: Just as dinner is finishing, December 16, 1997
Status: Beginning

Megan had eaten her own dinner rather quickly. Her mind was teeming with ideas and time was limited if she was going to attempt them this evening. The note that she had found in her pocket earlier that afternoon had not gone completely ignored. The idea had come to her while she was sitting in the library, several tables away from Sophie Rivers - a Sixth Year Slytherin. The whole plan was inspired somewhat by Michael's actions the previous day in DADA class. A simple fainting hex (enough to get the girl sent to the hospital ward) and a stolen hair later, and Megan was on her way to her second test.

Hurrying out of the Great Hall, Megan snuck away to a bathroom on the second floor. A quick locking charm on the door and Megan entered the final stall in the row, tossing her bookbag on the ground. She fished around the pocket, pulling up the last bit of her supply of polyjuice potion. If she were going to do any more experiments in the future, Megan knew she'd have to learn to make it herself (which was incredibly unlikely) or get her hands on some through some rather illicit means. It was considered an illegal substance at the moment, but she hardly cared. Especially since just living as a halfblood was quickly becoming illegal. 

Megan lifted up the vial and slipped in the blond hair, inhaling the smell of strawberries. She tilted in quickly into her mouth and braced herself for the series of changes that would take place. It was uncomfortable and painful, but at least this time she knew what to expect and managed not to lose the dinner she had eaten just minutes before. Finally, when she exited the bathroom stall, Megan smiled - inspecting herself in the bathroom mirror. 

Instead of a tall girl, with dark skin and curly hair, Megan found herself admiring a different reflection - one that was short and pale with straight blond hair and delicious curves. Picking up her wand, she immediately began to make adjustments to her clothes, shortening her skirt and changing a few small details on her uniform. Then Megan finished off the whole look by applying cosmetics - some mascara, a little lipstick - tiny modifications to help her truly absorb her temporary facade. The true test, however, will be her ability to present herself in public - as someone other than Megan Jones.

She breathed deeply and reviewed herself one more time, before she hid her bookbag and its contents and left the bathroom. Megan's mind monitored her every move, the way she walked and how she carried herself as she descended the staircase to return to the main level.  She hesitated for a moment outside the dining hall, but felt more comfortable when she saw how empty it was. However, Linus was still inside, sitting at the Slytherin table. It was now or never.

Megan strode into the Great Hall with a confidence that normally alluded her. After reminding herself that Sophie belonged there, she made her way over to the Slytherin table and took a seat across from Linus. "Good evening," she remarked casually.


Ernie's taste remained fresh on Linus' lips, but certainly hedged in one fact: He and Ernie had yet again failed to conduct any study into Transfiguration. That left young Linus to his own devices and deficiencies when it came to this subtle Art. Unfortunately he was making little headway, as fingers frustratedly fluttered upon his temple, showing his displeasure.

He turned a page with a sharpness befitting his mood, his self-imposed reservation with Macmillan ultimately coming back to bite him in the arse. It didn't help the cause when Sophie Rivers sat down across from him. Glancing up from his books, Linus took a short but attentive scan of the woman with his sharp blue eyes. Oh he knew Sophie Rivers alright.

That evening in the lockers after Quidditch practice had been... relieving. Of course a short half hour later, and he and Blaise Zabini seemed at each other's throats. "Sophie, evening." Linus said with a gesture of his head. He contained a smirk, which gradually ate at his cheek and formed its crease, "Haven't seen you around much."
Unfortunately for Megan, she was not aware that Linus and Sophie had such an intimate history. She could only play with the cards she was dealt, that Sophie Rivers was a Slytherin and a pureblood - a girl who prided herself with being a lady in public, even if she was quite the opposite behind closed doors (or between sculpted thighs).

"I've been quite busy," Megan smiled back, casually sliding her left leg over her right in a way that Megan herself normally never sat. Resisting the urge to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear - a telltale sign, she knew - Megan instead helped herself to a bowl of soup. "Almost neglectful," she added. It would be a hard game to play, since she knew that Linus would not give her too many inches to stand on.

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Linus studied his companion with a gentle scan, for she was truly lovely. But he too was discreet and gentlemanly, as his normal code of conduct demanded even with such a specimen. Casually, he leaned upon his hand with a single finger protruding upwards towards his temple so as to look engaged.

"How did you get on during the Quidditch match last week? We certainly crushed the Ravenclaws." Linus smiled with deliberate slowness, as he had been party to the rout of the house of intellectuals. "The strategy was there on their part, but as always the flesh was lacking. If they somehow teamed up with Gryffindor's bravery, they might have actually given us a run for our sickles."

Megan deliberately avoided Linus' gaze, mentally digging for a response.

Was Sophie on the Slytherin team or was he simply making conversation? How in depth should her knowledge be? If Megan had been smart, she would have done more research on the situation before taking it on.

"They certainly gave us more of a challenge than the Hufflepuffs can manage, but you are correct regarding their lack of pizazz. Strategy alone won't bring home the House Cup," she commented.

In Megan's mind, she was obviously stalling. The original purpose of her plan was to find a way to talk to Linus without putting either of them in jeopardy. But once she saw Sophie's pretty face reflecting in the mirror, Megan couldn't resist the opportunity to strut her stuff. To see first hand if her practice had been worth it.

"What have you been up to outside of Quidditch practice? Keeping busy with the Inquistorial Squad, I assume?"
Linus busied himself by stirring with a fork his stew, yet his eyes remained upon Sophie pointedly. A smirk played over his lips with a symphony of boyish beauty, the conductor Sophie's words. "The Hufflepuffs are a joke, despite my sister's pleas to the contrary. The best they have is team cohesion and fan spirit. But I'd cheer them before Ravenclaw or Gryffindor."

Linus' fork stabbed into the sultry, tender lamb of the stew and raised it to his lips, which he took into his mouth and politely chewed. He felt a pang of guilt eating before a woman who was not currently, thus he finished it off as quickly as he politely could.

"More Quidditch practice," Linus teased Sophie upon her question, though he was sure she knew so. "The I.S. keeps me very busy. Its a balancing act, of course, particularly with the contacts I hold. Yourself?"
"Oh Vaisey, don't tell me you've gone soft for those pathetic Puffs, have you?" Megan inquired, but halted once the sentence had left her mouth. Should she have called him Vaisey? She hadn't the faintest idea what sort of speaking terms these two were in. It was hard enough not to throw in any Muggle slang or to make sure she wasn't heavy on any particular accent - not to mention watching her every movement.

"I'm sure contacts are useful, but personally I'd rather stick to my own sort. It's less trouble that way. Besides, I barely have enough time to keep up with my studies. I couldn't imagine adding more people in my life to keep tabs on." Megan glanced up at Linus and smiled. "Speaking of which, I was wondering if you might have some time this evening, to go over a few assignments with me?"
For some reason, Linus' eyes narrowed at Sophie, his gaze steady and cool. It was like he was studying her anew- virtually dissecting her. "My contacts are my own business, and they serve my purposes at my leisure." He stated coldly. "When this war is over, we will go into these Houses, and we will re-establish ties and commerce with them. Whatever is left of them. Slythein will lead, but we also must teach our loyal newcomers. House means nothing beyond these walls." Linus rose a brow and more lightly spoke, "And the rest will disappear like air. They are not my concern."

Linus had leaned forward in his speech and now sat straight, "Your affairs and contacts are, of course, entirely your own business. But if you truly want to be visionary, you're going to have to look beyond House to what people can offer you."

Linus shrugged in a blaise way. "What topic are your assignments? And whats the payment?" He asked, his emphasis on the second.
Megan desperately attempted to stay cool under what suddenly felt intense scrutiny, while also trying not to react to Linus' statements about houses and loyalties.

"The topic," she replied, quickly changing the subject, "is Charms." Megan picked a popular subject that she assumed Sophie studied and attempting to dig up something from last year's curriculum. "And the payment is whatever it is you desire."
"How uncharacteristically generous of you. How do you know I won't abuse this newfound power?" Linus lowered his head, his look like an amused wolf as he stared at prey. "Or maybe I simply owe you still for taking me to the heights last time." Linus hinted, rising a single eyebrow under his loose brown hair.

His stare deep and purposeful, Linus teased her. "What about Charms has you bothered?" He pressed.
The hair on the back of Megan's neck prickled with that comment. Her answer had been off the cuff - assuming he was looking for payment of the monetary sort. But his response made her a bit leery.

"Summoning Charms," she finally confessed. "Embarassing, I know." Again, she avoided answering his previous question for lack of an adequate response.

"So would you be willing to assist a classmate?" Megan prodded.
The boy shook his head with a gentle motion, eyes blinking, "Thats not something to be ashamed of. Hardly. Summoning charms can be difficult. More difficult in some ways than Banishing charms."

With Sophie's gentle prod, Linus rose his hands in a small, near the table shrug. "Why not. Might as well add one more act of philanthropy to my duties performed today."
"Ah, of course. I knew you would. Always the helpful gentleman, Linus."

And now to mark the final question and hand it in.

"But not here," Megan explained, gesturing to their surroundings. "I can't think with all these people around. We'll need a more quiet, private study area."

As the words left her mouth, another hint of panic raced through her. She hoped he would not suggest studying in their own Common Room. The effects of the Potion did not last that long and she'd hate to be trapped in the Slytherin House when her normal self returned.
"I've been a soft touch lately," Linus smirked, almost like he was bitter at this new and particular personality flaw. "Just today I had to coax an associate of mine from Hufflepuff to try and find love anew." Linus shrugged. "Compared to that, your request is simple enough."

He rubbed his temple and sighed, "I think I'm developing a conscience. I suppose its been a long time in coming."

"I'm going to finish my supper. Where should I meet you?"
Linus Vaisey was brilliant in a way that he didn't even know. He managed to puncture a hole in Megan's clever disguise by accident - in a single sentence.

Linus only had one associate from Hufflepuff that she knew of - a certain Ernie Macmillan. And while her companion's words were innocent enough and perhaps Megan would never admit to it without a wand to her head...she felt a slight sting. The expression this news caused must have looked rather strange on Sophie Rivers' face.

"Yes, I suppose having a conscience will get you ever time." Her words sounded hollow and somewhat lost. Who was she kidding? How could Megan maintain such a facade for an extended period of time when one small peak at her real life left her suddenly exposed? Not to mention the sudden guilt she felt, like an child eavesdropping on the stairwell. Was it wrong to decieve someone who prided himself on deception?

"I don't know. Perhaps the library," she suggested, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. It was probably best if she simply bailed on the whole thing.
The disguise was broken, and Linus peered at the girl with nothing but suspicion for a brief instant. His eyes hd narrowed for but a discerning moment, the pieces of incongruity filtering together into one ill-fitting hole.

Linus stayed cool, the last bit of the puzzle being "Sophie's" unusual reaction to his news. Sophie would have elitely scoffed it off. The clencher, however, was one simple action. It was something that Linus noticed from one Megan Jones, because he found it an unspoken endearing quality. She put her hair behind her ear.

"So Sophie, have you considered my proposal from earlier even farther?" He asked, rising his eyes to level at hers. He flashed her a warm smile. "Would you mind if my Father brought the proposal to yours?" Linus stared unblinkingly at the girl. "And a union between our houses... it would be a fine one."
Proposal?! Oh, right. Of course. That's what these people do. Their families marry them off as cattle, decisions made before they're even of age.

Megan was irritated on two accounts. The first being the absolute horrid idea of arrangement marriages based on blood and other such elitist nonsense. The second, that - of course - Linus Vaisey would want to get his hands on a girl like Sophie Rivers. Petite, curvy, pale and pure. She'd make a fine wife. A tasty little crumpet.

But instead of scowling like her instinct told her too, Megan smiled widely. "Of course I have, Linus. But perhaps we should wait. This isn't really the time for such decisions."
Linus, internally, was clenching every fiber of his being at the lie exposed. Outwardly he was calm, amused, serene. He sighed almost happily, leaning his handsome face upon his hand. His eyes traced up Sophie's body, studying it. He went from breasts to neck to face.

And upon reaching her eyes, his look hardened, "I never asked you to marry me." Linus uttered with a single rise of his eyebrow. "Not bad for what I assume is your first time, Jones. Five points to Hufflepuff for sheer duplicity and deceit." He stated, exercising his powers as both Prefect and Inquisitor.

Linus reached up to continue the facade, taking in his strong hands Sophie's delicate one. "Now the question remains. Do I let you go and keep the mystery of what you've done. Or shall we run out the clock... sitting here. For all to see?" An impish look crossed him then as he leaned back. "Either way, I can't let you walk away with what I just told you, now can I?"
"First of all, perhaps if you had responded to my letter with something resembling an actual answer, I wouldn't have attempted to try such a thing just to speak with you. You know full well I can't approach you under normal terms. Second, I didn't do this to pull the wool over your eyes or to make a mockery. Third, don't you act like you wouldn't do the same thing in a heart beat if it benefited you in some way." Her words were a low hiss. Megan still looked like Sophie to the untrained eye, but her expression revealed her true self within.

"My days are numbered, Vaisey. Let me sit here and have this situation be exposed, just jumps me to the front of the line. However, if you help me, you have both the benefit of keeping me for a few more days as well as the perk of being handsomely rewarded for your time. I meant what I said, Vaisey. Whatever you want." She did not turn her eyes from him for a second. "You're my best option at this point."
"Don't get mad at me," Linus chortled in amazement, his bright blue orbs widening at Megan's incredulity. "Its not my fault your knowledge of the greats is sorely lacking. I was but trying to expand your mind and say yes at the same time." Linus smirked to the hidden girl, "Isn't that just the mere definition of win-win?"

Linus leaned forward to the girl, his voice hushed and dangerous, "Its why you're receiving points for your deviousness, and not losing them Jones. I appreciate deceit. Life is a deceit. We're stupid enough to think we have control over it. I enjoy a person giving it as well as life can." His eyebrows rose steadily upon his forehead, "And you bet I would." He whispered even more softly.

Vaisey leaned himself back from his most recent lean and sighed. "Alright, lets go and save your honor before you're stampeded to the front line of this ridiculous purge." He stood up then, despite his hunger, and ventured to the other side to take "Sophie's" hand.
This was certainly not the reaction Megan expected. Even as she spoke, she was mulling over ideas to save her skin, in case the boy was a power hungry lunatic ready to toss her to Podmore and Carrow. When he started teasing her and pointing out that he had just given Five points to Hufflepuff for what she had just done, Megan just sat there, mouth open wide in a very un-Sophie like fashion.

However, she did allow Linus to lead her out of the Great Hall by the hand. As the past the table scattered with other Slytherins, she leaned up a little (how odd if felt to be so short) to whisper. "I was total bullocks, wasn't I?" The fact that Linus had caught on to her so quickly was rather dismaying to Megan.