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Megan Jones

Who: Megan Jones and Linus Vaisey  
What: The Second Test
Where: Great Hall
When: Just as dinner is finishing, December 16, 1997
Status: Beginning

Megan had eaten her own dinner rather quickly. Her mind was teeming with ideas and time was limited if she was going to attempt them this evening. The note that she had found in her pocket earlier that afternoon had not gone completely ignored. The idea had come to her while she was sitting in the library, several tables away from Sophie Rivers - a Sixth Year Slytherin. The whole plan was inspired somewhat by Michael's actions the previous day in DADA class. A simple fainting hex (enough to get the girl sent to the hospital ward) and a stolen hair later, and Megan was on her way to her second test.

Hurrying out of the Great Hall, Megan snuck away to a bathroom on the second floor. A quick locking charm on the door and Megan entered the final stall in the row, tossing her bookbag on the ground. She fished around the pocket, pulling up the last bit of her supply of polyjuice potion. If she were going to do any more experiments in the future, Megan knew she'd have to learn to make it herself (which was incredibly unlikely) or get her hands on some through some rather illicit means. It was considered an illegal substance at the moment, but she hardly cared. Especially since just living as a halfblood was quickly becoming illegal. 

Megan lifted up the vial and slipped in the blond hair, inhaling the smell of strawberries. She tilted in quickly into her mouth and braced herself for the series of changes that would take place. It was uncomfortable and painful, but at least this time she knew what to expect and managed not to lose the dinner she had eaten just minutes before. Finally, when she exited the bathroom stall, Megan smiled - inspecting herself in the bathroom mirror. 

Instead of a tall girl, with dark skin and curly hair, Megan found herself admiring a different reflection - one that was short and pale with straight blond hair and delicious curves. Picking up her wand, she immediately began to make adjustments to her clothes, shortening her skirt and changing a few small details on her uniform. Then Megan finished off the whole look by applying cosmetics - some mascara, a little lipstick - tiny modifications to help her truly absorb her temporary facade. The true test, however, will be her ability to present herself in public - as someone other than Megan Jones.

She breathed deeply and reviewed herself one more time, before she hid her bookbag and its contents and left the bathroom. Megan's mind monitored her every move, the way she walked and how she carried herself as she descended the staircase to return to the main level.  She hesitated for a moment outside the dining hall, but felt more comfortable when she saw how empty it was. However, Linus was still inside, sitting at the Slytherin table. It was now or never.

Megan strode into the Great Hall with a confidence that normally alluded her. After reminding herself that Sophie belonged there, she made her way over to the Slytherin table and took a seat across from Linus. "Good evening," she remarked casually.

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