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Michael Corner

Seeking out a little affirmation

Who: Michael Corner and Ernie Macmillan.
What: Michael just wants to talk, but Ernie's got alot on his mind.'
When: After dinner; Tuesday, November 16th, 1997.
Where: Hogwarts Grounds, the forest-side of the Bridge.
Status: Complete.

Despite the wretchedness of the politics going on inside of the castle, Michael immediately saw a degree of perspective once he stepped outside of it. The snow falling was heavy, but not blindly. The clumps of frozen water looked to Michael like giants must have been having an enormous pillow fight and all the down and fluff was now falling from the sky.

It was amazingly, creepily serene outside. Michael could hear the pounding of his own heart and the sound of wind whistling through the trees. It was so soft, he could actually hear the snow impacting and compacting upon surfaces. It was no wonder that winter was his favorite season next to autumn, and no amount of death, torture or political intrigue could take that from him.

despite the beauty of the grey, wispy backdrop which obscured the forest and lake and beckoned him with their mystery, Michael's equally grey gaze did not fixate on the snow for long. He had come outside for a reason and that was to try and find Ernie. He had been nowhere in the castle, and finally Hannah pointed Michael outside by saying she saw Ernie getting his winter coat out.

That suited Michael just fine, who had run upstairs to get his heavy hooded navy blue coat and grey gloves. Now as the snow fell, he flipped his hood up and began to cross the bridge towards the glow of Hagrid's hut.

He didn't have to go far.
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