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looking down

augury_corner in augury_rpg

Friendly Chats

Who: Michael Corner & (Luna Lovegood and/or Padma Patil?)
What: (So far, chatting. We'll see where it goes.)
When: Well after curfew; Tuesday November 16th, 1997.
Where: Ravenclaw Common Room.
Status: Open

The Second Theory of Quintessential Transfiguration states that the material properties of physical matter are inversely proportional and exponential to the Quintessential Constant.

Biting his lip not in frustration but simple habit of concentration, Michael read the theorems, which generally made people's eyes bleed. But Michael was, after all, a Ravenclaw. Worse, Michael kind of... got off... on such things. He enjoyed them, for no other purpose than applying them to his magic for sheer experimental value. Most people counted sheep. Michael did Transfigurations and Potions formulae in his head. It was kind of sick, really.

Of course then, the next line made Michael chuckle and wrinkle the bridge of his nose at the ludicrousness.

The Third Theory of Quintessential Transfiguration states that the Quintessential Constant is variable in regards to material, ephemeral and essential properties within a given Quintessential Quadrant.

"Can't bloody well call it a Constant then, can you?" Michael chuckled to himself. He shrugged and rolled his eyes, "Well okay maybe you can... it is constant in that it exists." Michael couldn't recall ever hearing about a true example of a Quintessential Void, after all. Perhaps space... but even then there's matter and energy in space. So no... thats not a void... He surmised.

With a sigh, Michael shook his head, "Better be careful... I'm going to start talking to myself here any day now..."

Scrawling with his Muggle ball-point, something he'd always preferred over wizarding quills, Michael made final notes on Soma Spontanella's Theorems of Conjuration. It was like Boyle's Law for Transfigurations, Michael quipped to himself; to him it so clearly spelled out just why Conjuration remained as elusive as gold did to an Alchemist. The simple truth: it is so much easier to transfigure existing matter or energy than to create it from scratch magically.

Michael's eyes shifted from his work to his pen.

You do scream Muggle, but that's how you were raised. It's who you are... but unfortunately at the moment, who you are is against the way the Ministry wants them to be. It's kind of like painting a bull's eye on your back.

Michael's mind fixated on Ernie's words from earlier today, and he felt himself lowering the pen to the table. True, Ernie had meant clothes but in the short hours since, Michael had been second guessing alot about himself.

Michael sat back and tucked the pen into his trouser pocket, his frown growing troubled, his brow knitted. He lifted his head up, gazing about the Library-like qualities of the Ravenclaw Commons. Naturally they shifted to the magnificent statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, but then shifted to a casual stirring he saw coming from the Girls' Dormitory.


It had been a relatively long and uneventful day for Padma. No letters concerning her removal which she took as a good sign and no real arguments over her prefect duties. All in all it seemed like it would be a nice night to do some studying in her bed. That is, of course, until she had fallen asleep. It could have been the stress she had thrown herself into but the Ravenclaw only knew that when she woke up, it was a great deal darker than when she had dozed off. Confused she spent a good amount of time trying to get her mind back where it should have been before she got up from the sheets. Her black hair was quickly thrown up into a bun and she scurried to gather some books. Studying in bed was not such a great idea after all.

The girl opened the door and quickly exited and looked around from her stand point to find any empty areas. Luckily enough the room was relatively quiet to begin with. She was alone save for one body that the girl squinted to recognize; Michael. A small smile spread on the dark girl's face as she made her way to a chair near him. Growing closer, she took in his expression and tilted her head slightly. After a moment of looking at him silently she dropped to the seat, placing her books on her lap and leaned forward.

“Knut for your thoughts?” Padma asked with the small smile still playing on her lips.
It was Padma, which made Michael smile. She seemed so gentle to him, always had. She had a sort of noble bearing to her- a sort of gentility. Michael often attributed it to a cultural strength on her part, and in the distant past sought to inquire if Padma knew which caste she belonged. Or would have belonged. He had entertained a deep and almost obsessive interest in Pakistan and India when he was younger, which mostly translated into him scouring history books and sampling a lot of Indian cuisine. A fairly typical if shallow response on his part.

And yet, Michael couldn't ignore the fact that at times she could be about as spacey and airy as Luna, although in an entirely different direction.

"Hi Pad," Michael greeted with a gentle incline of his chin to the girl. "Uhhh... pshh..." Michael stared down at his work, in an airy fashion himself. "Chasing one of the mysteries of magic. And getting nowhere I can definitely say." He blinked and shrugged, "Past that, obsessing over my Muggleness thanks to one particular Hufflepuff with a sweet tooth."

His eyes shifted to Padma's book and he wrinkled his nose, "Thats alot of reading before bed yourself. What've you been doing with yourself?"

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Padma gave a head tilt to his response over the Transfiguration. She normally would ave phrased it as studying until she cracked but it didn't matter. Chasing the mysteries, as he put it, was probably the most frustrating thing in the school when the loud first years are gone and the gossipy third years are off doing... who knows what with who really cares. Her smile faltered slightly as he mentioned the part of him being a muggle. She should have known that would be plaguing more than just her mind. True she was going to be given a better chance since she was, after all, half blood but that didn't change the ministry's view. They had expelled a number of good students all because of this and the idea that Michael may be next was not comforting. It was far from it.

Her mouth opened when the direction of the conversation fell onto her books. A sheepish giggle escaped her lips as Padma adjusted the stack.

“These? I was going to read these earlier. For some reason reading them in bed seemed like a good idea and then I dozed off...” she explained. “For a few hours.”

with eyebrows raised, another smile spread across her face, this one looking a little more playful than curious and sweet. She knew that doing something like sleeping during study sessions was something she never did. It was odd for her to even think on it but it happened.

“I guess it's from some stresses from tis year and maybe I just needed some sleep. Which is fantastic except... I have the same amount of books to flip through as I did a few hours ago. And as for your muggleness...”

Padma opened the top book to one of the center chapters and placed her left hand down on its pages and the right hand's forefinger placed over her lips.

“There are plenty of people who make you look like a regular pureblood. You don't rave about... football and... which Hufflepuff?”
In vain, Michael tried to peer at the books that Padma had with her to better get an idea of just what she was reading, but eventually felt that it was wiser to live with the mystery than make Padma nervous. He smiled and nodded at her, flicking his unruly bangs back behind his ear. "I do that quite a lot lately myself." He stated amusedly, "What kinds of books are they?" He asked, deciding on that course of action instead of just looking.

He chuckled, resting his head on his flexed thumb, "Sleep? I think I've forgotten what sleep is. Especially right now," he said with a shrug of his eyebrows. "How's Divinations? Trelawney and Firenze taking well to the new administration?"

Again, Michael chuckled, "You know, I was never big one a bunch of burly bastards running 'round and kicking about a ball. Back in Primary, I dreaded being chosen for classes." He shrugged, "That, or Bombardment. Quickest way for the tiny bloke to feel utterly pointless about himself, Bombardment." He smirked.

His head inclined slightly and Michael blinked. "Oh, which said? Ernie. We had a bit of a walk yesterday in the snow. He's worried about me. I put out a lot of subconscious Muggle-isms. I mean look at me. Here I am, using a Muggle ballpoint. I dress quite Muggle as well." He shrugged. "But thanks. Maybe I have a bit of the bearing from my Grandda' in here somewhere. He was a wizard."

Michael settled on his elbows on the table, again resting his head on his flexed thumb. "Any plans for the Hols?"
Padma gave a small grin when he asked about the books. Most of the time she would have gotten annoyed with him asking but it was Michael and he meant no harm really. That and she wasn't reading anything that would get her in trouble. Instead not reading them would do that. She propped her chin up with her right arm.

“Trelawny is... well she is her. I was supposed to do her homework after I finished the other three assignments for History of Magic, Herbology and... then I had my own book of choice that I wanted to read over a month ago.” she explained with a head tilt in the other direction.

The girl listened to Michael, mildly entertained by the idea of him playing football with big burly men. Something about the tall scrawny classmate seemed to scream not athletic. But she decided not to bring that up and remove the stacks of books from her lap and drop them to the side. Slowly she began to nod as she listened. He had a point, he did have those quirks that stuck out.

“Don't bother, who said we were going to let them throw you out?” Padma told him with a grin. “And as for the holidays we are going to get together, pretend that the Ministry didn't make the marriage illegal, and hopefully just have a good time. I mean we don't have a big celebration or anything but it's still nice. How about you, are you escaping this place?”