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Michael Corner

Friendly Chats

Who: Michael Corner & (Luna Lovegood and/or Padma Patil?)
What: (So far, chatting. We'll see where it goes.)
When: Well after curfew; Tuesday November 16th, 1997.
Where: Ravenclaw Common Room.
Status: Open

The Second Theory of Quintessential Transfiguration states that the material properties of physical matter are inversely proportional and exponential to the Quintessential Constant.

Biting his lip not in frustration but simple habit of concentration, Michael read the theorems, which generally made people's eyes bleed. But Michael was, after all, a Ravenclaw. Worse, Michael kind of... got off... on such things. He enjoyed them, for no other purpose than applying them to his magic for sheer experimental value. Most people counted sheep. Michael did Transfigurations and Potions formulae in his head. It was kind of sick, really.

Of course then, the next line made Michael chuckle and wrinkle the bridge of his nose at the ludicrousness.

The Third Theory of Quintessential Transfiguration states that the Quintessential Constant is variable in regards to material, ephemeral and essential properties within a given Quintessential Quadrant.

"Can't bloody well call it a Constant then, can you?" Michael chuckled to himself. He shrugged and rolled his eyes, "Well okay maybe you can... it is constant in that it exists." Michael couldn't recall ever hearing about a true example of a Quintessential Void, after all. Perhaps space... but even then there's matter and energy in space. So no... thats not a void... He surmised.

With a sigh, Michael shook his head, "Better be careful... I'm going to start talking to myself here any day now..."

Scrawling with his Muggle ball-point, something he'd always preferred over wizarding quills, Michael made final notes on Soma Spontanella's Theorems of Conjuration. It was like Boyle's Law for Transfigurations, Michael quipped to himself; to him it so clearly spelled out just why Conjuration remained as elusive as gold did to an Alchemist. The simple truth: it is so much easier to transfigure existing matter or energy than to create it from scratch magically.

Michael's eyes shifted from his work to his pen.

You do scream Muggle, but that's how you were raised. It's who you are... but unfortunately at the moment, who you are is against the way the Ministry wants them to be. It's kind of like painting a bull's eye on your back.

Michael's mind fixated on Ernie's words from earlier today, and he felt himself lowering the pen to the table. True, Ernie had meant clothes but in the short hours since, Michael had been second guessing alot about himself.

Michael sat back and tucked the pen into his trouser pocket, his frown growing troubled, his brow knitted. He lifted his head up, gazing about the Library-like qualities of the Ravenclaw Commons. Naturally they shifted to the magnificent statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, but then shifted to a casual stirring he saw coming from the Girls' Dormitory.
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