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brooding, thoughtful

seeingdarkness in augury_rpg

What's With the Kid?

Who: Sturgis Podmore, Theodore Nott
What: Discuss Punishment
Where: Muggle Studdies Classroom
When: After Classes, December 17, 1997
Status: Incomplete

Theodore waited until Anthony had filed out after the younger students before approaching Sturgis. His eyes flickered towards the boy sitting in the back of the room with a doomed expression on his face, not that Theo blamed him; being asked to stay behind never boded well.

"What's the kid doing here?" he asked softly, a small frown on his face.


Sturgis had managed a mostly stress-free day until the very last class. Of course, it had been a Gryffindor who'd had the stupidity to stand up and protest at some of the anti-Muggle arguments he had been giving to the class. And usually he would have given simply a detention or taken away points - or perhaps a slightly more 'physical' form of punishment. However, the boy had to continue, speaking words that had enraged Sturgis so that he'd demanded the boy remain after class, having every intention of showing the boy what true torture was like once his assistants had finished their time with him - after all, Goldstein had never shown himself to have the stomach for Sturgis' brand of punishment in the first place.

He wasn't surprised that Theodore had come to him once the other boy had left. He did, however, know he wouldn't like the situation. Everyone had their achilles' heel - Sturgis' was his mother and his sister, and Theodore's was children.

"He's to be punished," he said lowly, gruffly to his young lover. "Apparently, he thinks I wouldn't be such an evil man if my mother loved me as much as any Muggle loves their child, or something of the sort."

There was no need to explain - Theodore knew him by now, and knew exactly what would set him off. Therefore, Theodore should know better than to argue with Sturgis' intent.
The Slytherin nodded, a very slight frown tugging on his lips, but he didn't argue. The boy had crossed a very clear line, and nothing Theo said or did would change Sturgis' stance that the boy needed to be punished. He just wished the damn kids would learn that Sturgis was not a man to be messed with.

"...Do you need me?" he asked, the brief hesitation proof enough that he wasn't overly eager to participate in the torture himself...he would though, if Sturgis asked him to, something which he was vaguely surprised to realize.

There so little now that he wouldn't do for the man, a part of him, a part with a voice very similar to Michael's, was worried just how far he might go.
Sturgis heard the hesitation but had the grace not to comment on it. It had been expected, after all.

"Yes, I do need you," he said, his eyes concentrating on a badly-written paper he had been marking. "I need you to go down to dungeon five and prepare it for a prolonged detention." Sturgis had rarely seen fit to punish students to such a degree, but this Gryffindor's single act more than deserved whatever punishment Sturgis saw fit. However... "Once the room is ready, I want you to see if you can catch the tail end of dinner in the Great Hall. It isn't good to starve yourself, not at times like these when you need your strength the most."

As the words left his mouth, he twinged inside. Weakness. Somewhere along the way, a tiny fissure had been created inside his stone-cold heart, and this boy had managed to chip away at it unknowingly. It was a weakness that should not be allowed, but as of yet, he could not find it what remained of his heart to do anything about it. Other than keeping the boy from witnessing this 'detention', that is.
Theodore bowed his head, a small, but grateful smile on his lips. "No, we wouldn't want that," he said softly, thankful that Sturgis had had the grace not to mention it, while giving him an out.

...Try not to be too hard on him, eh? The thought didn't make it past his lips, but his look said it clearly as he slung his bag over his shoulder.

"I'll have it ready shortly," he promised.

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