Who: Kingsley Shacklebolt, Duncan Maclachlan
What: Discuss Auror Bole
Where: Kingsley's Office, Ministry of Magic
When: Friday, November 14th, Morning
Status: Incomplete

A memo zoomed out of Kingsley's office, just before the door closed.  It flapped itself over to Duncan's desk, then began flying in circles, occasionally throwing in a figure eight just for variety. 

About fifteen minutes latter, Kingsley's current appointment left and the door was propped open, signaling that the Head of the Auror Department was available for drop in appointments.  

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looking down

Thats gonna leave a mark!

Who: Michael Corner and Megan Jones.
What: Michael and Megan reflect on the friendship between them over the past month.
When: Tuesday December 16th, 1997. Before dinner.
Where: The Room of Requirement.
Status: Complete

Michael almost crowed at the display, but he held it in. Instead he just smiled brightly. "Good!" Michael chirped up throatily, pleased with the girl's progress. "Remember, the Suffocation Hex has a complicated throttling motion with its grip. Its one of the most distinct and easily countered. Make sure you get the words precisely right. Ansuffoco. We'll work on Unspeaking it later." Michael tried to instruct. The source of his contentment was the progress Megan Jones had made over the last month.

Walking over, Michael slid an arm around Megan's neck and placed a kiss against her temple. "Brilliant. We'll make a soldier out of you yet," he cooed with praise. He was sweaty, clad as always in his workout clothes but he hugged her just the same.

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WHO: Ernie and Linus
WHAT: True colors and intentions show themselves.
WHERE: Classroom, Hogwarts Castle.
WHEN: After classes. 12-16-97.
STATUS: Incomplete.

PLEASE NOTE: The first portion of this post was completed in GoogleDocs.

His wand was at the ready, sweat glistened upon his unhaired upper lip. Linus narrowed his eyes only slightly while his head turned to a tilt. "I will hex you if you don't comply." His statement was so unfettered with emotion, that it seemed a natural extension of his facade. On the inside, Linus hoped the confrontation would be over with. After all... a third year clutching the holiday sweets he had stolen from another was entirely trivial. Two pins against his chest glistened, set diagonally to one another- one goldish bronze and the other silver. One a Prefect and one the mark of the Inquisitorial Squad.

The husky boy, his pallor paled by the threat, backed down and threw the box of sweets to the hard stone floor of Hogwarts Castle. With a gesture of his wand to the side, Linus guided the offender into leaving, and leaving quickly. Only once his meaty backside was in full retreat did Linus' cold blue eyes slide to the little boy who bent over to pick up his goods. He was a Hufflepuff, and looked to Linus to barely be a first year. Linus said nothing, only jutted his chin out to indicate that the boy was free to leave. He was tempted to extract a small service fee in chocolates, but ignored the impulse.

Linus had rode high over the last month in the public eye. In private, he dutifully studied the goings on around him. He was finally able to dispense his own form of justice, however honorable yet twisted it was. But the school was curiously absent of bodies these days. Random curfews and expulsions, coupled with detentions, did that. Thus while young Vaisey rode high on his sense of power, it came with a heavy burden. Stress, angst and power all blended within him, creating a pent up soul.

Checking his watch, Linus realized he was fashionably late for his tutoring session with one Ernie Macmillan. A small sliver of him- the Inquisitorially bred arrogance- knew that he could keep Ernie waiting as long as he wanted, for Linus could call Ernie out at any time if he wished. However, far overriding anything like that was the simple and direct truth that over a month's time, Linus had grown fond of Ernie Macmillan. It was that thought that compelled Linus to move at a brisk jog through the halls to make his appointment.
Daily Prophet

The Daily Prophet, 16 Dember 1997

The Daily Prophet
Tuesday, 16 December 1997

Wizarding Marriage Purification Act Passed!

In what is a considered a bold and courageous act of forward thinking, Minister for Magic Pius Thicknesse approved the Wizarding Marriage Purification Act last night. This new law, effective immediately, will drastically change the course of Britain's wizarding society and reverse a sad and dismaying trend of immorality and lust-fueled convenience.

A few excerpts from the Act were made available to the Prophet. The Ministry plans to send a copy of this important new moral statement to every wizard household in Britain. It will also be posted in certain public places, including Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Some excerpts from the Act include:

1. All marriages must be approved by the new Wizarding Marriage Purification Task Force. Applications for marriage will be made available at the Ministry and interviews will be required for each couple under consideration.

2. Marriages to Mudbloods and Muggles are strictly forbidden under penalty of imprisonment.

3. Effective immediately, all Mudblood and Muggle marriages are retroactively denied. All marriages between Mudbloods or Muggles and wizards/witches are henceforth dissolved.

4. All Half-blood marriages are subject to review at anytime.

5. Purebloods are strictly forbidden from marrying outside their Blood Status.

A full copy of the Wizarding Marriage Purification Act will be made available this coming week.

Weather Report
Snow storm! Prepare to cozy up inside!

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Who: Alecto Carrow and Millicent Bulstrode
What: Do you have what it takes?
Where: Alecto's office
When: After classes, Monday, December 15, 1997
Status: Beginning

Alecto glanced at her watch and decided that she still had time. Reaching down, she opened the bottom drawer of her desk and pulled out a leather flask, unscrewed it and took a quick swig of the brown liquid inside. It was crap whiskey and she knew it, but it did the trick. Tightening the lid, she returned it to her desk before shuffling papers around on her desk in case her guest arrived at that very moment. After the chaos that had occured in her classroom earlier that morning, Alecto solidified her need for an assistant. She simply couldn't afford disonance from her students, whether through passive rejection or through petty acts of heroism. It was necessary for Alecto to find a student to aid her in her need for control and who wasn't afraid to do so with a heavy hand. Alecto hoped she'd find that someone in Millicent Bulstrode - which is why she sent a letter requesting the girl's prescence here today.

break me, shake me...

Who: Ginny and Tom
What: A meeting
Where: The corridor near Myrtle's bathroom
When: December 15th, evening
Status: Incomplete

Ginny had taken to stalking the hallways at night, hoping that if something were happening to the defenceless younger students she would be able to stop it before it became too serious. She hadn't found anything yet, but could not bring herself to give up. She would never be able to forgive herself if something went wrong and she had not tried to prevent it at all. Besides which, it gave her a way to work off her excess nervous energy -- in between not knowing where three of the people she cared most were and the ridiculously horrible rules and punishments happening here, she had a lot of it to get rid of.

Almost by habit she found herself in the corridor by Myrtles bathroom. She supposed she should run away, should try and hide from the memories of what had happened here, but frankly that seemed pathetic. She had survived it and she did not want to give the ghost of a psychopathic 16 year old boy that much power over her. If something as small as walking down a corridor gave her that strength...well, so be it.

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 Who: Marius Heathroppe, Charlie Weasley
What: A run in between old acquaintances
When: Monday, December 15th, 1997, in the early afternoon
Where: The Ministry of Magic
Status: Incomplete

Marius was walking around  the Ministry carrying his his research on Theodore Nott. He kept it very close to him; tucked under his left arm and patrially concealed by his robes. Although he walked very casually, so as not to look like he wasn't carrying anything of dire importance. He was walking on his way from the archives to the Aurors offices; crowds of people surrounding him, it was all he could do to not bump in to any of them. 

He thought he saw a flash of red hair in the distance. It was distracting as there were few red heads at the Ministry, and mostly everyone was wearing black which made the bright orange stand out even more. The red hair seemed to be moving in the same direction Marius was headed in, which made his destination a little easier to focus on. Just follow the red signal.

Right In The Thick Of It

Who: The Trio (in disguise)
What: Sneaking around the Ministry
When: Monday, 15 December 1997
Where: The Ministry of Magic
Status: Complete

OK, don't get nervous. Just act like you belong here and no one will be any the wiser.

Easier said than done when you're disguised as your own Dad and sneaking around his office trying to do stuff that was illegal even before this whole mess got started...

Ron took a deep breath and wiped his hands on his robes for what felt like the dozenth time that minute. He turned to look at Harry and Hermione, both of whom had Polyjuiced themselves into a pair of ordinary-looking employees. Harry's name badge read "Melvin Shuffleport, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Filing Division", while Hermione's identified her as "Bernard Greenflower, Department of Experimental Herbology".

Taking a quick glance around to make sure the hallway was quite deserted, Ron spoke in a low whisper. "All right, looks like the coast is clear. So we'll make a beeline for the Department of Mysteries, and we all know where we're going from there, right?"

Though this is probably the furthest from a sane idea I've ever heard of in my life...

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Who: Agatha Bole, evil Ministry peeps
What: A sneak interrogation
Where: Ministry of Magic
When: Monday, 15 December - first thing in the morning
Status: Incomplete

As Aggie made her way into the crowded lift, she glared down one Ministry clerk who looked like he was about to take advantage of the close quarters to cop a feel. Not only was that absolutely rude, but she simply wasn't in the mood to even kick the bloke's arse.

She was at her wit's end, unable to identify the perpetrators in the photographs Eddie had taken a month back. She knew the younger was must be a student, but the Aurors were being consistently denied access to Hogwarts records. What she had discovered, after a visit to the Hog's Head, were the identities of the victims. Two men of ill repute, one who was known for having a taste for barely legal boys and taking them against their will, and the other a suspected pedophile. Nobody missed them, really. Her suspicions had strayed from Eddie's original assessment of it being a case of a Death Eater attack, and she now thought it to simply be a case of vigilantiism. For all she knew, they could be members of the mysterious Order of the Phoenix deciding to take the law into their own hands once more. There was no evidence one way or the other, and thus she had to wait and see what evidence might cross her path.

Her mind on the frustrating case, she stepped out when the lift doors opened, not quite looking where she was going.