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riddle house

February 2008



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Nov. 8th, 2007


An Offer You Can't Refuse...

Who: Sturgis Podmore, Theodore Nott, Anthony Goldstein
What: Extra credit, anyone?
Where: Muggle Studies classroom
When: Thursday, 6 November - after last class
Status: Incomplete

Sturgis looked over the materials on his desk with a critical eye, tring to decide which images would produce the greater impact on the students. He had always favoured visual aids, as they were often one of the few things that could produce the reaction he desired.

He'd had yet another couple of introductory classes, and as before, there was resistance both to the material and his methods. They would soon learn, however, that things had changed for the better, and they would all be better off for his lessons.

That didn't mean that he didn't welcome some help, however. He had invited two students to stop by after their last class so that he could speak with them about this very thing. The first was, of course, Theodore, upon whom Sturgis knew he could rely. The boy had acted as his assistant for some time in Transfigurations, and Sturgis had no doubt that their 'professional' relationship would continue.

The other was Anthony Goldstein, the Head Boy with whom Sturgis had spoken in the owlery a week ago, and someone he suspected might welcome the opportunity to examine the 'other' side of Muggles.

He looked up as he heard a knocking upon his door. "Yes, come in," he called out, only barely lifting his eyes from the intriguing images before him.


Student-Teacher memo to Anthony Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein,

I would like to request the pleasure of your company in the new Muggle Studies' classroom after your last class today, which I believe to be Potions. I have a proposal that I feel would be most beneneficial to your education at Hogwarts.

Professor Podmore

Nov. 3rd, 2007


Return to Cru Alley

Who: Sturgis and Theo, NPCs
What: Lesson #2 - A well-deserved death
Where: Hogwarts, Cru Alley
When: Wednesday, 5 November - evening
Status: Complete
Warning: There be violence in this one, ugly murder - warning to the squeamish - as well as some interesting sex

Sturgis sat at the desk in his rooms, going over what he hoped would be the new textbook for Muggle Studies. He was assessing it to ensure it followed the guidelines he was to set out before demanding that the students purchase one. After all, not everyone could afford to buy every new textbook that came along.

Next to his desk, in the metal rubbish bin, the morning's Prophet burned idly. He did his best not to think of it, or of the mention of his mother's death. He was angry enough as it was, after an introductory lesson with the third years. They were not nearly so well-behaved as the older students. He tried to focus on the book, and when that strayed, tried to keep it on his companion. Theo lay on the sofa behind him, practicing some lesson or other for one of his classes.
The quiet moment was disturbed...Collapse )

Oct. 26th, 2007


Muggle Studies, anyone?

Who: Sturgis Podmore, and all 6th and 7th year students
What: Introductory to new Muggle Studies
Where: Mugs Studs classroom - specially altered to accomodate more students
When: Tuesday, 4 November - 9am
Status: Incomplete

Sturgis leaned back in his seat, waiting for the students to arrived. His hands were laced behind his head, and he looked out a nearby window at the rain pelting upon the ground. He was actually looking forward to this new class, particularly after that last encounter with Corner in the hallway. If that was any indication, this would certainly be... enlightening.

"Welcome," he said loudly as the last student took their place. He noted with approval that all were there. "This is Muggle Studies, and for those who do not know me, I am Professor Podmore. We will be learning things in this class the likes of which you may never have known, but that are absolutely vital to our survival as wizards and witches in this modern world.

"My first instruction to you all is to unlearn everything that has been taught before this day. Today is a day for re-awakening. The truth will out, and along with it, your preconceptions of Muggles and their ability to live alongside civilized folk."

He took out his wand and pointed it at a nearby blackboard, and words appeared as he spoke.

"We will go over many modules over the next several months, with topics that have been sorely neglected in your education up to this point. Muggle weaponry - past and present; Muggle/Wizard interactions, both real and imagined; Modern Muggle technology and it's potential impact and effect upon the wizarding world, and our magic in particular..."

With every topic he listed, the grin on his face grew wider. Oh yes, this would be... fun.

Oct. 12th, 2007


Basic Training

Who: Sturgis and Theodore
What: The start of Theo's education
Where: Hogwarts grounds
When: Sunday, 2 November - late evening/night
Status: Complete
Warning: General evil stuffs, and maybe a touch of smut - c'mon, it's these two in a thread together, eh!

The weather was ill, and so Sturgis strode purposefully across the school ground with his hood covering his face. It was spelled to repel the spray of the rain, but only as long as it covered him properly. He did not need to turn around to know that Theodore walked in his wake, close behind him, anxiously awaiting the lessons Sturgis would teach this night.

Finally, they arrived to the edge of the Forbidden Forest. The trees were large and wild, and they proved to be excellent shelter from the downpour. Once there, Sturgis pulled back his hood and shook out his cloak.

"Welcome to today's classroom," he said in his best teacher's voice, but with a twinkle in his eye.

Oct. 6th, 2007


Answers within Duties.

Who: Michael Corner and Sturgis Podmore.
What: Michael uses gathering Colin's work as an excuse to interrogate Podmore.
When: After Dinner, before Michael's trip to the Owlery. Saturday, November 1.
Where: Hogwarts Halls, Transfigurations Classroom.
Status: Complete

With letter to his parents in hand and ready to head to the Owlery, Michael pried himself out of bed finally and tottered into the bathroom. Dehydrated, he allowed himself a glass of water before pulling on the same t-shirt he had seen Neville in and the same jeans. He decided not to bother with the robe, uncaring of his grungy and unkempt appearance. He only combed his fingers through his hair enough to get most of it down, and then proceeded out of the Commons.

Michael stuck to the back halls and stairs, still unwanting of Human contact. Initially his aim was one of just getting to the Owlery and sending off this letter to his parents. But as he walked the halls and came to sections he could not avoid, Michael considered popping by some of Colins' professors and getting him his homework. It was the proper Ravenclaw thing to do and on some subconscious level, he hoped it would alleviate his guilt.

Michael's washed out and darkly bagged grey eyes looked about the halls for professors. He would nab the first he saw and get one out the way as quickly as possible.

Oct. 4th, 2007


(no subject)

Who: Sturgis and Aurora
What: Testing Aurora's acting abilities
Where: Hogwarts
When: Saturday, 1 November
Status: Incomplete

Sturgs had sequestered himself in an alcove near the Astronomy tower where the windows overlooked the lake. He had transfigured a wooden chair into a chaise longue, and rested with his feet up, a book cradled between his hands.

Muggle Studies. A whole new topic to teach, and to study. The volume in his hands was that of a wizard who had spent many years studying Muggles and their ways, and who, as a result, forcefully recommended the separation between the wizarding world and the Muggle one. The words merely reinforced Sturgis' own views on how Muggles were a danger to wizards - the Inquisition and centuries of 'witch' hunts, two World Wars, the Holocaust, the atomic bomb... Muggles were in fact a greater threat to themselves than they were to wizards.

He grinned. This would definitely be an interesting course to teach.

Sep. 22nd, 2007

brooding, thoughtful


Out, damned spot!

Who: Theodore Nott and Sturgis Podmore
What: Sturgis and Theo have a heart to heart.
When: October 31st After the discovery of Colin.
Where: Party, Sturgis' room
Status: Complete
Warnings: Just some kissing ^_^

True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about but few have seenCollapse )



Who: All Students, All Professors invited.
What: The Halloween Party.
When: Starting at 7pm, October 31st (Friday). Ending Merlin knows when.
Where: Various sections of the lawn, the Courtyard, within Hogwarts.
Status: In Progress.

Translucent spectres swam about the halls of Hogwarts, their essence sensing the building of excitement about the day where the dead should rise and walk among the living. Nearly Headless Nick, arm in arm with the Grey Lady, was pulling his head almost completely off for the grossed-out benefit of a few curious Hufflepuff first year boys.

Peeves had already seized control of a boy's wand, and, being pursued, managed to send a few candles toppling. Sir Cadogan was riding and whooping through the halls shouting, "The Spectres are about! The spectres are about!"

The halls and actually much of the lawn smelled of freshly baked pumpkin pasties and other warm goodies. Roasted chestnuts were being stuffed into pockets to keep the youngers' hands warm from the rapidly cooling evening. Botted butterbeer and other sweet drinks were being passed out hand over fist, as merchants from Hogsmeade came up to sell their wares on the lawn. Money exchanged hands without care.

Cracks of firework charms sizzled randomly, sending showers of many colored sparks everywhere- most of them a bright orange. Their smokey scent mixed with the smell of food and the crisp autumn air which had just a hint of falling leaves in its taste.

Much of the attention centered around a massive bonfire, which proved to give light and warmth to students and professors. Around it, a pergola of sorts had been constructed of large, twisted tree-like torches that held green balls of licking flame. Arches had been made of crystallized spiders webs. Everhwere there were piles of pumpkins and gourds- jack o lanterns had candles glowing in them. Some of them had been enchanted to magically talk- giving the inexperienced first year a bit of a jolt when suddenly a jack o lantern would cry out, "Boo!" or cackle insanely.

A group of Hogwarts students met many new revellers with "Double, double toil and trouble," sung in haunting, choir-born voices.

Sep. 11th, 2007


(no subject)

Who: Anthony and Open
What: A Dead End
Where: Owlery
When: Evening, Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Anthony was finding himself at a dead end. He sat sideways on one of the steps of the winding staircase leading up to the owlery, with his back against the stone wall, even though he had no letter to send. To be honest, he wasn't even sure why he was here.  It wasn't like this was some sort of super secret communication center for Death Eater Wannabes. They weren't just going to stumble across his body on their way up the stairs to send a letter to You-Know-Who. Anthony was convinced, that this whole challenge would be easier if he wasn't in school. Surely outside the walls of Hogwarts, people were more prone to talk in a darker tone. There were places he could visit, things he could do to involve himself in that would further his quest. Here at Hogwarts, at least for the moment, people were covert about their persuasions - making it harder to find the people he seeked.

He sighed and pulled a Toads music sphere from his pocket. With a flick of his wand, the silver ball opened and out came the lyrics of one of his favorite collections - The Green Album. Tapping his wand to his ear and mumbling a few words, the music was silenced to all but himself. It was simply not polite to listen to it any other way. Before he realized it, Anthony was singing alone quietly to himself.

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